Can we finally stop pretending the Tea Party cares about “fiscal conservatism”?

Shouldn’t that be especially obvious after this shutdown / debt ceiling hostage drama? These anti-government extremists do not give Fuck All about the government, its budget, or anyone else but themselves. Obamacare will be worse than slavery? Birth control is “abortifacients”? What does that even…. These people are charismatic grifters, dishonest clowns, and practiced charlatans.

Amanda Marcotte writes,

It’s not just that the rogue’s gallery of congress people who are pushing the hardest for hostage-taking as a negotiation tactic also happens to be a bench full of Bible thumpers. Pew Research shows that people who align with the Tea Party are more likely to not only agree with the views of religious conservatives, but are likely to cite religious belief as their prime motivation for their political views.  White evangelicals are the religious group most likely to approve of the Tea Party. Looking over the data, it becomes evident that the “Tea Party” is just a new name for the same old white fundamentalists who would rather burn this country to the ground than share it with everyone else, and this latest power play from the Republicans is, in essence, a move from that demographic to assert their “right” to control the country, even if their politicians aren’t in power.

It’s no surprise, under the circumstances, that a movement controlled by fundamentalist Christians would be oblivious to the very real dangers that their actions present. Fundamentalist religion is extremely good at convincing its followers to be more afraid of imaginary threats than real ones, and to engage in downright magical thinking about the possibility that their own choices could work out very badly. When you believe that forcing the government into default in an attempt to derail Obamacare is the Lord’s work, it’s very difficult for you to see that it could have very real, negative effects.

It should also come as no surprise that the Tea Party’s very own Freedomworks is reportedly going broke because the teabagger hypocrites who run it have spent all the money. Turns out the people who want to lecture everyone else in the country about spending and debt and responsibility can’t seem to manage their own house:

The conservative nonprofit, which raised more than $40 million in 2012, has brought in less than $10 million this year, according to the sources. And former employees say the group’s rank and file have grown increasingly frustrated with what they view as management’s exorbitant expenditures, including a pricey craft beer bar and fancy Las Vegas hotel rooms that rack up thousands of dollars a night in charges.

[...] FreedomWorks is “top heavy on management and personnel and perks,” the former high-level employee said. The source cited, for example, an $8,000 hotel bill Kibbe ran up in Las Vegas. Bodnar did not deny the charge.

Some former employees also questioned the value in FreedomWorks’ sponsorship of Glenn Beck’s network The Blaze, which one source said cost the organization $1 million last year. (A spokesperson for Beck declined to comment on the specifics of the arrangement.)

FreedomWorks’ money problems culminated in taking out a $1 million line of credit earlier this year. [...] Sources describe a culture where fiscal conservatism is ostensibly prized, but staff dine out at fancy restaurants on the company’s dollar and a microbrew bar in the office with four kegs (Kibbe is a craft beer aficionado) is paid for with FreedomWorks money.

“At every conference they go to they stay in the best hotels, and it just doesn’t seem appropriate,” one former employee said.

It doesn’t seem appropriate? Did the former employee not get the memo that the rules for everyone else don’t apply to them?

The most disgusting thing here is that not only do they imagine they’re doing the work of an imaginary, weird, fundamentalist God—who conveniently rewards greed, hypocrisy and selfishness—but they believe they’re going to take over the government any day now.  Their magical thinking allows them to rationalize that IF they destroy the country or the world… who cares? Paradise awaits elsewhere.  Nothing matters but their own rewards, immediate or future, real or imaginary.

Underneath everything they’re not good people, in the sense that most of us understand what makes someone a good person.  Their “favorite” personas at any given moment (Bachmann, Cruz, Palin, Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Paul Ryan, Coulter) are those individuals who are willing to say the nuttiest, most outlandish, hateful, and bizarre things. Because, as a group, these people are nutty, outlandish, hateful and bizarre.

Every single day, they are the ones on Fox News taking the Lord’s name in vain and calling it Fair and Balanced. And here in America, in the year 2013, they want religious law to override secular law as a means of power and control over all of us.

They are America’s Taliban and they are currently holding our government hostage.

Shame on moneyed elites like the Koch brothers for spreading this virus to save themselves some taxes, and shame on mainstream Republicans for allowing themselves to be pushed around for political gain.  Never forget.

James Yeager lost his mind, then he lost his handgun carry permit

image christopherstreet

State Suspends Permit Of Man In Gun Control Rage Video

In a statement released Friday officials said they had suspended the handgun carry permit of James Yeager, CEO of Tactical Response based on “material likelihood of risk of harm to the public”. [...]

“The number one priority for our department is to ensure the public’s safety. Mr. Yeager’s comments were irresponsible, dangerous, and deserved our immediate attention. Due to our concern, as well as that of law enforcement, his handgun permit was suspended immediately. We have notified Mr. Yeager about the suspension today via e-mail. He will receive an official notification of his suspension through the mail,” Commissioner Bill Gibbons said.

Yeager, CEO of Tactical Response, a company that offers training to civilians in weapons and tactical skills, has multiple certifications with several different types of weapons. Officials with the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security were explicit in stating that the Yeager was not a Department of Safety and Homeland Security certified instructor, nor is his school department certified.


MrCensureMoi: Here is Yeager’s original video, which he subsequently pulled from his YouTube channel and replaced — removing the “I’m going to start killing people!” portion (near the end):

Morning coffee

via medicalmikku:

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Crazy Uncle Ted Nugent is going to be investigated by the Secret Service

And not a moment too soon. The ‘Nuge’ is one of these guys who likes to call himself and those who agree with him ‘we the people.’ They imagine they’re just that patriotic. Look at what Nugent said at the NRA shindig over the weekend:

From The Raw Story –

“If you don’t know that our government is wiping its ass with the Constitution, you’re living under a rock some place. And that there’s a dead soldier, an airman, a Marine, a seaman, a hero of the military that just got his legs blown off for the U.S. Constitution, and we got a president and an attorney general who doesn’t even like the Constitution,” he said, adding that the four left-leaning Supreme Court justices were “like a stoned hippy” because they “don’t believe in the Constitution.”

Sidenote: Nuge likes to brag up the military and the personal sacrifice of the service members, but Crazy Uncle Ted got a deferral from the draft, like this: (Nugent claims) that 30 days before his Draft Board Physical, he stopped all forms of personal hygiene. The last 10 days he ingested nothing but junk food and Pepsi, and a week before his physical, he stopped using the bathroom altogether, virtually living inside his pants caked with excrement and urine. That spectacle won Nugent a deferment.

Anyway, more blather from Ted:

“And if you want more of those kinds of evil, anti-American people in the Supreme Court then don’t get involved and let Obama take office again. Because I’ll tell you this right now, if Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

Nugent continued by urging attendees to get everyone they knew to vote for Romney and against “this vile, evil, America-hating administration” or “we’ll be a suburb of Indonesia next year.”

“We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November!” he exclaimed. “Any questions?”

In March, Nugent announced on Twitter that he had endorsed the former Massachusetts governor.

“[A]fter a long heart&soul conversation with MittRomney today I concluded this goodman will properly represent we the people & I endorsed him,” Nugent wrote.

Romney’s son, Tagg Romney, quickly praised the rocker.

“Ted Nugent endorsed my Dad today,” the younger Romney tweeted. “Ted Nugent? How cool is that?! He joins Kid Rock as great Detroit musicians on team Mitt!”

Update (1:20 p.m. ET): New York magazine reports that the Secret Service is looking into Nugent’s comments as a possible threat on the president’s life.

Indeed, Tagg, how cool IS that? Ted Nugent! Gosh, what a super swell endorsement! Especially because he’s the guy who bragged to a concert crowd in 2007 that he told Obama to suck on his machine gun. How cool is THAT?

Listen, Tripe, or whatever your name is: Nugent plays guitar. That’s his claim to fame. And when he opens his mouth he doesn’t even make as much sense as the homeless guy on the corner, wearing foil on his head and carrying a sign that says something about the end of the world. Also? The homeless guy probably isn’t a total dick like Nugent, and that homeless guy probably isn’t some draft-dodging, yellow elephant nutjob who buys lots and lots of guns to shoot at things that can’t shoot back. In fact, the only people on this planet who would be excited (instead of embarrassed) about an endorsement from this steaming pile of crazy is you, your family, and the semi-conscious, low information teabaggers he rode in on. Look up ‘fail’ in the dictionary — the Nuge will be pictured there.

What a group.

If the comments get too crazy?

source: getdownyoulittlepancake

I turn into Lucille Bluth.

Do you suppose Rush pays people to do this — or is this just some lone Dittohead off their meds?

Click to enlarge:

But then there’s 9 more on 9 different posts! NINE!

Come at me, bro.

Update: STILL at it… (over an hour): Continue reading

Sexist? Outtakes of Michele Bachmann’s cover for Newsweek

Some people from the right and the left (like NOW) are saying the choice of photo and title “The Queen of Rage” by Newsweek for their cover of Bachmann is sexist. Here are crops of many of the photo outtakes released by Newsweek:

Said Newsweek editor in chief Tina Brown in a statement,

“Michele Bachmann’s intensity is galvanizing voters in Iowa right now and Newsweek’s cover captures that.” Many of the photographs taken for the feature showed Bachmann with similar intensity. Here are more images from the shoot, including some used inside the magazine, showing Bachmann in the nation’s capital and on the trail in Iowa.

Intensity! That’s one way to describe it.

Charles Johnson comments:

The outtakes do indeed show Bachmann with the same glazed stare; anyone who’s observed her over the years knows that she often has that strange, robotic look. And yes, it does make her appear demented.

But is it “sexist” to use this photo? I don’t believe it is. There’s no gender-related element here, unlike the time when Newsweek used a photo of Sarah Palin in short shorts; now that was sexist. But calling Bachmann the “Queen of Rage” (when she personifies the angry Tea Party right) and using a photo that accurately portrays her disturbing fixed stare has nothing to do with her gender — it has to do with her fanaticism.

Or as Bill Maher remarked in July:

“New rule: Republicans have to stop thinking up intricate psychological explanations for why liberals don’t like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann. Let me save you all some time — are you ready? — (it’s) because they’re crazy people. People who are not that bright and full of awful ideas — pretty much the same exact reasons we didn’t care for George Bush and made jokes about him. So trust me: it’s not because they have breasts — it’s because they are boobs

If the eyes are the windows to the soul… we can all see what there is to see very clearly.


Alternate titles for Michele Bachmann’s Newsweek cover

Awkward! Bristol Palin wants to see Michele Bachmann and her mom mud wrestle

“I think she dresses a lot like my mom. But a lot, a lot of women have done that the last few years. I do think it’s odd, you know, seeing people with red blazers with their hair up with glasses. I don’t know if she’s wearing glasses but you want to be hummmm, do you think that people don’t notice you’re dressing like my mom?”Bristol Palin.

So far Michele Bachmann can’t use the songs ‘American Girl’ or ‘Walking on Sunshine’

Tom Petty is in the process of issuing a cease and desist letter to Bachmann — two hours after she used the song “American Girl” to kick off her campaign.

And Katrina and the Waves issued a statement on their website after Bachmann used “Walking on Sunshine” at a campaign rally on Tuesday: Katrina & The Waves would like it to be known that they do not endorse the use of ‘Walking On Sunshine’ by Michele Bachmann and have instructed their lawyers accordingly.

So what song should she use for her campaign? I have a couple of suggestions:  this or this.

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Bachmann, Romney lead in Iowa poll. You know what, Iowa Republicans…?

THIS is all we, “The [rest of the] People,” need to know about your intellectual capacity / mental ability to choose a presidential candidate — forget an actual president.

DES MOINES, Iowa — A new Iowa Poll shows national Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney and Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann leading among the state’s likely GOP caucus-goers.

The poll conducted for The Des Moines Register shows Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, with support from 23 percent in Iowa. Bachmann, the Minnesota representative who plans to launch her campaign in Iowa on Monday, has support from 22 percent.

From Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone piece: Michele Bachmann’s Holy War:

“… Bachmann is exactly the right kind of completely batshit crazy. Not medically crazy, not talking-to-herself-on-the-subway crazy, but grandiose crazy, late-stage Kim Jong-Il crazy — crazy in the sense that she’s living completely inside her own mind, frenetically pacing the hallways of a vast sand castle she’s built in there, unable to meaningfully communicate with the human beings on the other side of the moat, who are all presumed to be enemies.”

How can people actually support her? (in Iowa, for example):

“Snickering readers in New York or Los Angeles might be tempted by all of this to conclude that Bachmann is uniquely crazy. But in fact, such tales by Bachmann work precisely because there are a great many people in America just like Bachmann, people who believe that God tells them what condiments to put on their hamburgers, who can’t tell the difference between Soviet Communism and a Stafford loan, but can certainly tell the difference between being mocked and being taken seriously. When you laugh at Michele Bachmann for going on MSNBC and blurting out that the moon is made of red communist cheese, these people don’t learn that she is wrong. What they learn is that you’re a dick, that they hate you more than ever, and that they’re even more determined now to support anyone who promises not to laugh at their own visions and fantasies.”

Image: divineirony

Just when you think Beck can’t possibly go any further…

He tops himself. Again.


ICYMI Weekend in the Bunker

Venn diagram of Malignant, Stupid, and Crazy in the GOP:

image: drinkthe-koolaid

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Chris Matthews: Beck’s motto should be, “I’m crazy as hell and I’m not going to take this any more!”

Hardball: Beck sees coming of a caliphate in Egypt:


It’s true that the RWNJs can’t decide if they want to portray Obama as soft on Islam or as a secret Muslim — so they just do both, because their audience will believe anything.

And who’s also sailing aboard the Crazy Boat? Tammy Bruce

How my sons keep me sane

“Grandma reminds me of Tony Soprano’s mom.” — Son 2 of 2, on the way home from my Mom’s house on Christmas Eve.

Seven words. Everything’s in perspective.


Glenn Beck’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ version of history


Princeton University historian Sean Wilentz on Glenn Beck: “Glenn Beck is trying to give [viewers] a version of American history that is supposedly hidden. Supposedly, all we historians — left, right and center — have been doing for the past 100 years is to keep true American history from you. And that true American history is what Glenn Beck is teaching. … It’s a version of history that is beyond skewed. … But of course, that’s what Beck expects us to say. He lives in a kind of Alice in Wonderland world, where if people who actually know the history say what he’s teaching is junk, he says, ‘That’s because you’re trying to hide the truth.’ “


Believe in Beck: live the fantasy.