Romney plans to win over God’s ‘chosen people’ at Liberty tomorrow by not mentioning his own religion

As long as he can make them forget he’s in a ‘cult,’ Romney should be good to go with God’s flying monkeys:

Campaign Aide: Romney To Steer Clear Of Mormonism In Liberty Speech

Even now, concerns linger. When Romney’s scheduled commencement address was made public, some Liberty students pledged to forego the graduation ceremony in protest, arguing that Romney’s church was a “cult.” And as BuzzFeed reported earlier today, even those students who are supportive of the Republican’s visit have serious qualms about his religion.

But in refusing to wade into a discussion about his faith, the Romney campaign is sticking closely to its 2012 playbook: No matter the setting, no matter the audience, avoid the Mormon question at all costs. The bet is that conservative Christians, when faced with the prospect of four more years of President Obama, will hold their noses and vote for a “cultist.”

Besides, there’s probably nothing Romney could say in a commencement speech that would undo the firmly entrenched belief here that the Mormon candidate is “unsaved.”

Funnily enough, Romney will be speaking to an audience that his own religion considers to be ‘unsaved’ as well. Yet he’ll gladly pander to them for political gain. Truly a profile in courage.