Very “Eye of the Tiger” Mr. Gingrich



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Tuesday morning’s 10 interesting things

1) Satire: Santorum thinks ‘it’s never polite to look a rape horse in the mouth’ – From the satirists that brought you comedian Andy Cobb as “a godless heathen” mocking Rick Perry’s bizarre anti-gay political ad comes a tidal wave of sarcasm cresting off Rick Santorum’s odd statement that women who are the victims of rape should “make the best of a bad situation” and go through with the pregnancy. Watch video:

2) Dems Say Romney Outspends Newt 5 -1 In Florida – The narrative that Team Romney is pushing is that of a new-and-improved candidate, battle-hardened after his South Carolina woes, and sharpened as a candidate by having had to outsmart Newt Gingrich. The Dems think these figures suggest something else: that it’s not Romney who’s winning votes in Florida, but the size of his wallet.

3) Gingrich sued over use of “Rocky III” theme song – Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich faces a lawsuit over his use of “Eye of the Tiger,” the theme song to the movie “Rocky III,” court documents show. || Seriously, Newt? Eye of the Tiger? Maybe it would be best if Republicans stick to music that suits them. Remember when Heart wouldn’t let McCain/Palin use Barracuda

4) Putting Romney’s wealth in context -  For most working families, this is a level of wealth that’s hard to relate to. Romney took in more wealth in a day in 2010 — without actually having a job — than most Americans earn in a year. Romney would be in the top 1% based solely on the income he receives in one week. [...] The problem isn’t that Romney is extremely wealthy. It’s hard to imagine a significant number of voters saying, “I’m uncomfortable voting for a rich guy.” The problem is how Romney acquired his vast wealth (a vulture-capitalist firm), his frequent gaffes on the subject, and his policy agenda (which includes more tax breaks for the wealthy).

5) Scamming his herd: Rick Warren is an ass, but he’s right – Rick Warren, mega-church grifter, uses some of his tax-exempt time to promote the asinine Republican attack on President Obama’s use of the teleprompter: “Leaders speak from conviction. Actors speak from telepromters.”@RickWarren  Of course Warren is right. Actors do use teleprompters:

6) Majority Of Americans Support Taxing Investment Income The Same As Wage Income – …a CBC News/New York Times poll shows that a majority of Americans favor taxing investment income the same as wage income. The disparity between the 15 percent top rate for investment income and the 35 percent top rate for wage income is what enables wealthy investors like Warren Buffett to drive their tax rate down to or below the rate at which many middle class families pay.

7) ‘Socialist’ Obama has conservatives seeing red – “I am for the Declaration of Independence,” Newt Gingrich proudly proclaimed. “I am for the Constitution.” Obama, by contrast, “is for European Socialism.” (i.e. Obama’s black) [...] Another Gingrich supporter, John, who only gave his first name, said he was convinced Obama’s upbringing overseas — he spent part of his childhood in Indonesia — explains his alleged estrangement from centrist American values. “Mom, baseball and apple pie… He doesn’t understand us,” said John. (i.e. Obama’s black)

8) Santorum pushed to limit malpractice awards but sought larger payout for wife - On the campaign trail, GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum says he will push to limit payments to victims in medical malpractice lawsuits, which he blames for unnecessarily driving up health-care costs. And over the course of his two decades in politics, he repeatedly spoke in favor of capping such awards. But Santorum testified in support of his wife when she filed a medical malpractice suit in 1999 that sought $500,000, twice the cap in his 1994 legislative proposal. Karen Santorum claimed that a Fairfax chiropractor had left her with a permanent back injury that probably would result in a lifetime of pain medication and restricted mobility.

9) Jan Brewer Expecting Treat Now for Shaking Finger at Barack Obama – From the “JAN PAC” website: “Friends, I need your help! When I met President Obama this week, I really wasn’t pointing at him. I was telling him, “You have ONE more year!” The President needs to be reminded that he is the President of the FEDERAL REPUBLIC and not a KING lording over state governors. While I wanted to talk to him about jobs, our economy and visiting our border, President Obama criticized my book, Scorpions for Breakfast, and then walked away from me…”

10) Matt Taibi | Rolling Stone | The Odd Couple: Romney Vs. Gingrich – Less than a week after New Hampshire, Romney committed a series of gaffes that revealed his crucial character flaw: He’s a hypernervous control freak who flips out if you try digging around below the paper-thin veneer of his schlock patriotic presentation. The robotic Mormon financier looks like a walking OCD diagnosis, a trim coil of tightly wound energy with perfect coif and tie, seemingly living in permanent terror of a single hair falling out of place. For this type of anal-retentive personality, the messy chaos of South Carolina was a phobic horror. Faced with actual opposition, he lost his grip on everything. At a time when a quarter of the population has zero or negative net worth, when outrage against the financial elite is at an all-time high on both sides of the political aisle, Romney, it turns out, is so weirdly tone-deaf about his status as a one-percenter and bloodsucking corporate raider that any question in that direction sends his eyes pinwheeling. As his electably boring-mannequin act began to crumble, his carefully concealed true self – a deluded gazillionaire nitwit – was suddenly thrust naked onstage for all of America to gape at…