Jon Stewart interviews ‘General Aladeen’ (Sacha Baron Cohen)

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Meanwhile in Sirte

Devastating street view in Sirte after clashes between Libyan interim government forces and Gaddafi loyalists on October 18th. (via: motherjones)

Let’s hope this is the end of tyranny and the beginning of recovery for Libya. (via: kateoplis)

VIDEOS: If you care to see — (linked only because they’re gruesome, click at your own risk):

FLASHBACK: Senator Juan McCain on Gaddafi — then & now

In the Maverick’s own words: it’s always good news for John McCain!

August / 2009 vs. October / 2011 (via: paxamericana)

On news of Gaddafi: “if Obama were a Republican, he’d be on Mount Rushmore by now.”

“To rid the world of Osama bin Laden, Anwar al-Awlaki and Moammar Qaddafi within six months: if Obama were a Republican, he’d be on Mount Rushmore by now.”Andrew Sullivan 

The first rule of GOP Fight Club: never give credit to a Democrat.

Disturbing Al Jazeera report on Rep. Dennis Kucinich and former Ambassador David Welch


Al Jazeera has uncovered evidence that influential Americans have been trying to help Gaddafi cling to power.

The officials involved are a member of the Congress [Dennis Kucinich] and a former ambassador [David Welch].

The documents were found in the offices of Libyan intelligence building, which was abandoned as Libyan fighters took over Tripoli.

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And from Think Progress:

It is unclear exactly what would motivate Welch to help Qaddafi battle the pro-democracy uprising and even his own country, but it should be noted that Welch’s position at Bechtel put him in a spot where he was incentivized to maintain strong business relationships with Libya. Shortly after helping normalize relations between the two countries, Welch became a vice president at Bechtel, overseeing the company’s Middle Eastern operations. Under Welch, the company rapidly expanded in Libya, even setting up its first office in the country since the 1960s.

Also included among the documents that Al Jazeera uncovered was evidence that Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), a Libya war foe, had contacts with Qaddafi’s regime and had asked for evidence of corruption or al Qaeda contacts among the rebels.

Gaddafi family’s nanny treated for horrible burns

Wow. Ex-Gaddafi Family Nanny Treated for Horrible Burns — The badly burned former nanny who worked for the Gaddafi family is seen Wednesday at a Tripoli hospital. Shwygar Mullah, 27, said the wife of Gaddafi’s son Hannibal poured boiling water on her for failing to keep a child quiet.

see more — Libya: The Taking of Tripoli

THESE THINGS HAPPEN when a society values one class of people over other classes of people. Thanks to the GOP Teaparty, the USA will get there soon enough.

Cartoon: Cheney has some advice for Gaddafi

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“Hey, Harrigan! What hotel you stayin’ at… Coward Johnson’s?”

Jon Stewart discusses the Fox News / CNN feud in Libya:

Jon Stewart: “Kudos to Fox for so quickly putting the crisis into service of their real mission: patriotic self-promotion. Only they can turn, ‘our guy missed the shuttle bus’ into, ‘Fox News alone refuses to play patsy to America’s enemies.’“

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Thank you, Mr. Internet Video Wayback Machine:

Jed Lewison recalls for Karl Rove and the rest of America just how “tough” George W. Bush was on Gaddafi:

So Karl Rove claims that George W. Bush would have been tougher on Muammar Gaddafi than President Obama, who he says seems weak

To recap: when Bush was president, he repeatedly praised Gaddafi’s leadership, going so far as to say that that Gaddafi had renounced terrorism. Bush restored diplomatic relations with Gaddafi, sent Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice to Tripoli in September, 2008, and even signed an executive order giving Gaddafi immunity from lawsuits over the Lockerbie bombing.

Read more (and see video)….

The only explanation is that Karl Rove was unconscious during Bush’s presidency — or he’s flat out lying for political gain.

Monday’s Teaparty-Republican Bucket of Fail

For your consideration:

  • Because of the ‘precedent’ of the UN resolution on a no-fly zone over Libya, Obama MIGHT, one day, order a strike on Israel.
  • Yglesias: “if 64 Senators want to vote for the Simpson-Bowles Commission’s recommendations, then there’s nothing stopping them from voting for the Simpson-Bowles Commission’s recommendations. They don’t need support from Barack Obama to do so. If anything, Barack Obama endorsing Simpson-Bowles would make it more difficult for Republicans to endorse it.”  So you see, instead of actually voting on S-B or coming up with more recommendations, they wrote a letter to Barack Obama. One might think they didn’t really care about the deficit, that this was some political maneuver intended to play to their base — if one were very cynical.
  • The GOP doesn’t even know what to say about air strikes in Libya. The Koch Brothers / Roger Ailes must not have faxed out the official opinion yet.

Libya: Air strike

WAR! Vehicles belonging to forces loyal to Gaddafi hit by an air strike by coalition forces, along a road between Benghazi and Ajdabiyah (Reuters Photo)


The military action is not about killing Gaddafi.

“The military action is not about killing Gaddafi. My hope is that what we can do is that we can make sure we can get Gaddafi, we can put him towards the International Criminal Court, and then it will be the International Criminal Court who actually judges him.”

– Danish Defence Minister, Gitte Lillelund Bech (BBC 1003).

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