Serenity now!

I’ve been going through my RSS feed reader for the past 45 minutes and here’s what I have:

  1. Is the Tea Party still racist? Affirmative.
  2. Is Fox News still ‘informing’ it’s viewers? Definitely. In fact, O’Reilly and John Stossel have no qualms about interpreting actual dates and history into personal opinion or belief.
  3. Has Tim Pawlenty lost his mind? CLEARLY. But is this what the average GOP Teaparty voter thinks is ‘the solution’? Of course — they get their news from Fox (see #2).
  4. Is the Tea Party planning to indoctrinate children on the ideals of Republican Jesus (i.e. Selfish Christianity)? Yep.
  5. Can Michele Bachmann react sanely to people who are NOT in the Tea Party? Not at all. Two middle-aged lesbians wanting to talk caused Crazy Eyes to scream, bolt for her car in tears, and file a police report because she was ‘terrorized’ and ‘terrified.’
  6. Guess what Rush is selling his ditto sheeple-heads now.
  7. Would it surprise you to know that Ron Paul, the loudest advocate for returning the dollar back to the gold standard, has hundreds of thousands of dollars tied up in several gold mining companies?
  8. GOP Cuts To Food Aid For Seniors And Food Banks Equals One Day Of Bush Tax Cuts For Millionaires. One day.
  9. Here is the only way to watch a GOP debate — as interpreted through Jon Stewart: