Morning in the bunker


  • Breaking: Video Surfaces of Andrew Breitbart in Compromising Position with Goat
  • States that allow same-sex marriage vs. states that allow marriage between first-cousins. America!


  • Digby: I do hope the Democrats are paying close attention to this because it might just save their bacon if they play their cards right. [...] going after teachers, cops and firefighters is a very, very dangerous thing to do. And as I wrote before, the Democrats should throw it right in their face.
  • Ex-Sen. Ted Stevens dead at 86. RIP. Gruesome new details just out from the AP on the crash that killed him and others, while some miraculously survived.
  • Derp! So much FAIL from those who would try to defend the Snowbilly Grifter former-half-term Governor. Behold.


  • The public health emergency triggered by the emergence of the H1N1 virus “should be considered over,” an emergency committee of the World Health Organization said Tuesday.

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