Influenza update: H5N1 and H1N1

Bird flu researchers suspend study of deadlier mutations – Researchers studying a potentially deadlier, airborne version of the H5N1 influenza virus, or bird flu, have voluntarily suspended their research for 60 days, according to a letter published in the journals Nature and Science on Friday.

China Reports 2nd H5N1 Bird Flu Death in Month – Both of the deaths in China were notable because neither victim reported any contact with birds in the month preceding his illness. The virus is known to spread through contact with infected birds, eggs or bird feces, but experts said a pandemic could occur were it to mutate into a form that was more easily spread.


Swine flu death toll hits nine in Mexico as cases almost double – Nine people have died from an outbreak of swine flu in Mexico, with the number of cases almost doubling in a week. Health officials have identified 573 cases of A (H1N1), up from 333 instances on Thursday. The strain represents 90 per cent of influenza cases in the country, the health ministry said in a statement yesterday. Authorities brushed aside suggestions of a new health emergency.

That’s an increase of 240 cases in four days! 

Meanwhile in the U.S. — Colorado is not well, apparently:

Morning in the bunker


  • Breaking: Video Surfaces of Andrew Breitbart in Compromising Position with Goat
  • States that allow same-sex marriage vs. states that allow marriage between first-cousins. America!


  • Digby: I do hope the Democrats are paying close attention to this because it might just save their bacon if they play their cards right. [...] going after teachers, cops and firefighters is a very, very dangerous thing to do. And as I wrote before, the Democrats should throw it right in their face.
  • Ex-Sen. Ted Stevens dead at 86. RIP. Gruesome new details just out from the AP on the crash that killed him and others, while some miraculously survived.
  • Derp! So much FAIL from those who would try to defend the Snowbilly Grifter former-half-term Governor. Behold.


  • The public health emergency triggered by the emergence of the H1N1 virus “should be considered over,” an emergency committee of the World Health Organization said Tuesday.

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