Palin slams Romney, everyone laughs


“I think what Gov. Perry is getting at is that Gov. Romney has claimed to have created 100,000 jobs at Bain and people are wanting to know, is there proof of that claim? And was it U.S. jobs created for United States citizens?” — Palin slams Romney’s jobs record: ‘Is there proof?’

The “I said, ‘thanks but no thanks’ to that Bridge to Nowhere” half-term governor now demands politicians tell the truth on the campaign trail.

I love this!

The Undefeated was more like the unattended

Sarah Palin documentary goes to DVD after mediocre box office returns

An opening weekend on limited release saw The Undefeated bring in $63,000 from 10 screens. But despite showing on 14 cinemas the following weekend of 22-24 July, box office takings slumped 60% to just $24,664.

It turns out that The Undefeated was more like the unattended.

According to – which dubbed The Undefeated “deflated” – in 10 days the film grossed just over $100,000 from 13,000 ticket sales and estimated that average audience size was just 15 customers per screening during its second weekend in theatres.

[...] For Palin fans, Walmart will also sell an exclusive “special edition” DVD with additional content.

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To honor Memorial Day, Sarah Palin is crashing a veteran’s event with her politics

She wasn’t invited, she’s not endorsed. She just wants publicity because she’s a narcissistic famegoblin:


UPDATE * * * * * *

…and suddenly, the media didn’t care about Rolling Thunder anymore:



Sarah Palin is having a squirmish with The Daily Caller

Our Lady of Perpetual Butthurt:

TPMDC: Sarah Palin launched a lengthy attack on The Daily Caller via Facebook on Wednesday in which she slammed the conservative-leaning news organization for not featuring her quotes prominently enough.

The publication, helmed by Tucker Carlson, quoted from a nearly 650-word statement she issued to them in response to an article on legislation she signed as governor of Alaska providing tax credits to production companies who film in Alaska. It also reprinted the entire statement on the next page of the article. This was not good enough, however, for Palin, who said that her statement was “buried.”

Has there ever been another half-term governor, failed VP candidate who is more “me me me“? And why are conservatives so afraid of her?

GOP spin machine: Palin is BIGGER than the White House

Josh Marshall posts:

Republicans who are as terrified of a Palin nomination as they are of publicly criticizing her have seized on a new angle: Palin is bigger than the presidency. It would be a step down for her.

I think we could say that her hair is bigger than the presidency. Definitely.

It was whole-head big in India:

And it was “couple-Bumpits” big in Israel:

The Snowbilly is definitely in her “Fat Elvis” final days of narcotic confusion

Dubya Tee Eff, indeed, Sarah:

What did Palin think of Barack Obama’s popular centrist State of the Union speech? It’s impossible to tell, based on the words falling so loosely from her lips, but she did prove she also doesn’t know how to say the old Internet term “WTF,” which is pronounced “What the Fuck?” (She just spoke the letters, which is a blood libel against Fuck.) Oh yeah, we’ve got the video!

And yeah, the Snowbilly is definitely in her “Fat Elvis” final days of narcotic confusion.

WTF, John McCain?! Seriously. Thanks again.

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