It’s just a concept now — but this hover car is exactly what we’ve been waiting for!

A hover car that actually hovers instead of ‘flying’ (and doesn’t require fuel) — via the Huffington Post:

The hovercraft, as seen in the concept video above, uses electromagnetic levitation to float along its own grid above the regular road network; distance sensors keep the craft from colliding with other vehicles. The disc-shaped pod seats two people and is controlled by a joystick that offers amazing maneuverability. The car can move both back-and-forth and side-to-side and can even spin on an axis. To top it off, the concept car produces zero emissions.

VW People’s Car Project: the magnetic suspension vehicle (Hover Car) — Now that flying cars are beginning to emerge, imagination has no more limit … Here is the magnetic levitation spherical vehicle! Watch video:

Note: Since I don’t speak Chinese, I skipped 42 seconds into the video below, to the action, because the chit chat literally doesn’t tell me anything.

Can it be made to hover at different heights? Can we be like George Jetson someday with something like the hover car? Don’t know, but it’s a start. Did I mention no fuel?!