400 Rabbis protest Glenn Beck’s use of Holocaust imagery

400 Rabbis protest Fox host’s use of Holocaust imagery

(Reuters) – Four hundred rabbis will publish a letter on Thursday calling on Fox News to sanction host Glenn Beck for repeated use of Nazi and Holocaust imagery and for airing attacks on World War Two survivor George Soros.

In an open letter to Rupert Murdoch, the chairman of News Corp, which owns Fox, the rabbis also demand an apology from Fox News chief Roger Ailes for characterizing Beck’s Jewish critics as nothing more than “left-wing rabbis.”

The letter will appear today in the Wall Street Journal. Guess what the response is from Fox News (GOP/Teaparty network):

“We haven’t seen the ad,” said Joel Cheatwood, Fox News senior vice president of development, “but this group is a George Soros backed left-wing political organization that has been trying to engage Glenn Beck primarily for publicity purposes.”

Anyone with a functioning brain can see that Cheatwood has that backwards — Beck and Fox News have been “engaging” Jews and liberals for publicity purposes for quite some time.

BTW, today is  International Holocaust Remembrance Day, an observance established by the United Nations in 2005.

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