Our “liberal lamestream” media: the President is golfing!

I’m constantly amazed by how much our “liberal lamestream” media has reported on President Obama being on another vacation over the weekend, how he’s golfing, he’s on a separate vacation from Michelle and the girls, he’s not working, etc. etc. etc.

Has there been any reporting about how the Republican-led House voted itself ANOTHER week-long break? Or that because they voted themselves another vacation, when they finally return to “work” on Feb. 25 they’ll have exactly FOUR DAYS to work on the Sequester before it goes into effect on March 1? Has there been any kind of reporting by network media on the fact that NOT ONE Democratic member voted for this break? Or that Nancy Pelosi and the other Democrats were angry because they wanted to stay and work on a bill to replace the Sequester?

Your tax dollars at work, Teabaggers.

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Romney going “Palin” with the lamestream media

Because Mitt interacts so naturally with the unwashed masses, this should surprise no one:

“Romney campaign and Secret Service attempted to keep press off ropeline so no q’s to candidate on Bain,” tweeted CNN’s Jim Acosta.

The AP’s Kasie Hunt tweeted that “campaign staff and volunteers trying to physically prevent reporters from approaching the rope line to ask questions of Romney.”

“Romney campaign aide trying to block reporters from rope line now,” tweeted The New York Times’ Michael Barbaro. “Reporters refuse to leave.”

“This was an error on the part of the campaign staff and volunteers,” Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul told The Huffington Post. “We have reminded them that press is allowed on the rope line to record the governor’s interactions with voters.”

The error, if I’d have to take a guess, was that staff and volunteers weren’t covert enough with getting the reporters off the rope line. Next time maybe they won’t be so explicit.

Palin politics: Jon Huntsman is mad at the media for quoting him

LIKE MANY REPUBLICANS before him, Jon Huntsman blames the ‘lamestream’ media for having the audacity to quote him. Yesterday, Jon Huntsman said:

[...] Huntsman, the former Utah governor and once President Barack Obama’s Ambassador to China, expressed disappointment that the Republican Party disinvited him from a Florida fundraiser in March after he publicly called for a third party.

“This is what they do in China on party matters if you talk off script,” he said.

[...] Asked by journalist Jeff Greenfield if he could win the nomination of the Republican Party in Utah today, Huntsman said he could not, saying later that Ronald Reagan would “likely not” be able to win the GOP nomination nationally in this political climate.

Read: Former Republican presidential candidate compares his party to Communist China.

And this morning Huntsman said:

Former Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman on Monday blasted the media and insisted he was taken out of context he after compared the Republican Party to the Communist Party of China.

[...] Huntsman told MSNBC on Monday that his comments had been taken out of context because there was a lack of “responsibility in media.”

“You get these blogs out there, you know, Bottom-feeder, Buzzsaw, Buzzfeed, whatever they are, and they take a sentence out of context and it becomes a headline and pretty soon mainstream newspapers pick up on that,” he told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. “Give me a break.”

[...] Huntsman continued: “Shortly thereafter, I was disinvited from a Republican fundraising event, [at] which I was to be a guest speaker. And so as we were talking about that last night, I said you know, if you’re not on script and you get knocked out of an event like that — the parties are supposed to be big tent, you’re supposed to bring in all ideas. And I thought for a moment about what they do in China if you’re off script, the party. They knock you out. We shouldn’t be doing that here.”

Read: Huntsman blasts media, said he was taken out of context

Does that sound like he was taken out of context to you?

Maybe if Jon Huntsman had any kind of backbone, he’d stand up to those who are transforming his beloved GOP into something resembling communist China? Or (!) stand by what he said? It’s totally easier to say the media took him out of context though.

Brewer says Obama “was somewhat thin-skinned,” doesn’t remember pointing her finger at him

[Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer] says she welcomed the president to the city warmly and said she hoped to sit down with him some time. [...] “He was somewhat thin-skinned a little tense to say the least,” Brewer told KFYI radio. As for the pointing her figure at the president: “I was trying to be very calm. The picture is interesting, I don’t remember doing that.”Brewer does not recall pointing her talon directly in the face of the President like a harpy.

Damn the lamestream media with their cameras…


South Carolina primary day: will they choose the Plutocrat or the Serial Adulterer?

In recent polling, the serial adulterer has pulled into first place over the plutocrat — but who knows WHAT can happen in South Carolina by the end of the day?

Andrew Sullivan gives us two opinions on Marianne Gingrich’s revelations:

Lloyd Grove says:

In case anyone needed to be reminded of Gingrich’s outrageous hypocrisy, ABC helpfully spliced in footage of the then-adulterous speaker, in a breathtaking feat of compartmentalization, pursuing the impeachment of Bill Clinton for arguably less egregious behavior, denouncing the Clinton-Gore administration as having “less moral authority than any administration in history,” and continually defending the sanctity of marriage as a political talking point.

But, you see, none of that matters to the GOP base because… lamestream media!

Margaret Carlson’s view is closer to Grove’s but still she isn’t sure the interview will do Gingrich much damage:

Newt was not polling well among evangelical women before Marianne’s revelations, and surely won’t now. But he makes up for it with his surge among men in a state where divorce is not unheard of, despite the fact that 60 percent of Republican voters identify themselves as Christian conservatives. Residents of South Carolina divorce at a rate twice as high as for that den of iniquity, Washington, D.C. Many fewer people divorce in the bluest of states, Massachusetts, than in the Palmetto State, according to the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics.

Ah, okay. Sanctity of marriage means one man and one woman being able to marry and divorce numerous times. I just hope evangelical conservative wives are ready for their husbands to announce how they’d like an open marriage too.

According to the GOP base, adulterous behavior and grandiose hypocrisy appear to be great personal attributes in a leader. The SIN is for the media to report it (if the adulterer is a Republican that is).

image: balloon-juice.com

The Palin Trick

It doesn’t matter if you did something wrong in the past, if the media reports it — it becomes the media’s fault.

At that point, you don’t even have to feel sorry about it anymore. That’s a neat trick, isn’t it?


Sister Sarah: Just quittin’ and cancellin’ and twattin’ all over the place

The real question is: what will Greta Van Susteren have to talk about on her Fox “News” show without Palin’s exclusive interviews? Palin really seems to have become Greta’s meal ticket.

Former [half-term] Alaska governor Sarah Palin has canceled a trip next month to war-ravaged Sudan, one of the most unstable nations in the world and the focus of passionate advocacy within the U.S. evangelical community.

Palin scrapped her visit to the North African country for scheduling reasons, several sources close to her said. She was planning to travel with Franklin Graham, the son of evangelical leader Billy Graham, as well as Fox News personality Greta Van Susteren, to the July 9 independence ceremony of South Sudan, the sources said. Van Susteren also canceled her trip. Graham said on Wednesday that he still plans to go.

And MMFA catches the lamestream media trying to piss on Palin. AGAIN! NATURALLY… AS USUAL!

Earlier today, one of Fox News’ websites, FoxNews.com, reported that Fox News contributor Sarah Palin is “end[ing] her ‘One Nation’ bus tour” and returning home where “it’s prime salmon fishing season” this time of year. Palin subsequently fired off a tweet sarcastically asking “I did?” and saying that the media “never cease to amaze.”

And then another Fox News website, the Fox Nation, jumped in to defend Palin against the report by its sister website, reporting that Palin “quiets bus tour rumors.” Palin later jumped back into the fray with a Facebook post decrying reports from unnamed media outlets that her bus tour had been canceled. Palin ended her Facebook note by declaring that these unnamed media outlets have a “long track record of getting things wrong or just making things up.”

All the stories were generated by one lamestream source: Fox “News.” Heh. Oops!


The “shout-out, gotcha type-a question” that threw Palin for a loop

David Frum: “What have you seen so far today, and what are you going to take away from your visit?”

Video (see 1:17 mark)