#PalinEmails: Took TWO WHOLE DAYS leave to be with her premature, Down Syndrome baby

So Palin’s water broke in Texas — no big! — but she stayed to give her speech, then boarded a flight which took about eight hours to reach Alaska. Fifth child. Amniotic fluid leaking for HOURS. Once she allegedly gave birth in Alaska, the ‘world’s best mother’ would only take a whole two days off to be with her premature, specials needs baby? And I’m not sure if Palin is trying to argue in the email below that she was never technically ‘off duty’ …?

Via Sullivan:

Corn has a good write-up on the first details from the redacted Palin emails. Palin took only two days off to have a premature child with Down Syndrome; she was even signing bills the alleged day of Trig’s birth:


At least conservative, pro-life radio host Mike Gallagher will never be able to accuse Saint Sarah of buying into that whole “maternity leave racket.”

When you’re a “pro-life” conservative

Carrying the fetus to term is the goal. Period. At birth, it’s someone else’s problem, someone else’s mouth to feed and someone else’s mistake.

Fetus = Life. Baby = Parasite.

Oh, and maternity leave is a racket. Throw it in a closet and get back to work.