CNN blew it. MSNBC got it right.

POLITICO: And when the dust from Boston Marathon bombing clears, viewers will remember two things about the cable news coverage of this historic event: that John King blew it, and that Pete Williams got it right.

On Wednesday, while CNN was self-destructing after falsely reporting that a suspect has been taken into custody, Williams rightly reported otherwise. Through Thursday, he reported what was known, while resisting the temptation to speculate on what he did not. Then, in the early hours of Friday morning, Williams was among the first to report on the ongoing developments of the search for the suspects — including that one of the suspects was dead and that both suspects were legal residents with foreign military training. [...]

“MSNBC isn’t a news network — they don’t do news,” is something I’ve often heard folks at CNN say.

This week’s coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings demonstrated that that is a false argument. MSNBC doesn’t need to “do news,” because they have the resources of NBC — they have Williams, Michael Isikoff, Richard Espositio and Jonathan Dienst, just to name a few. CNN may have more boots on the ground, but in the chaotic 21st century media environment, viewers want quality not quantity.

MSNBC Primetime is killing Fox “news” in ratings

Rachel Maddow Beating Hannity: Are People Finally Catching on to FOX News’ BS? | Alternet

“Particularly impressive were the results of the two powerhouse programs on the MSNBC lineup: Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell. Maddow won seven of the eight days against her Fox competition, Sean Hannity. For the 8-day run Maddow beat Hannity by 18% and her 544k average was second to only Bill O’Reilly in all of cable news. O’Donnell won all eight days against Fox’s Greta Van Susteren. His margin of victory over Van Susteren was 17% for the eight days.

This can no longer be considered a temporary blip on the ratings scales. With two weeks having elapsed, the MSNBC programs are showing steady strength against competition that was once thought insurmountable. Only Bill O’Reilly is holding his top position for Fox in primetime. This may indicate that Sean Hannity is wearing thin with viewers who are likely disappointed with his overly confident (and harebrained) assurances that all the polls were wrong and that Mitt Romney would emerge victorious.

Hannity is perhaps the most stridently partisan host on the Fox News network and frequently augments his analysis with that of the pundit world’s most notorious nutcase, Dick Morris. As for Van Susteren, she never had the cult-like following of her Fox comrades, but she has been closely associated with her good friend (and client of her husband), Sarah Palin… “

One also has to factor in all the non-believers / anti-fans who watched Fox prior to the election because of the OMG Factor or, in other words, the rich vein of comedy material and/or outrage one could always find there. Now that the election’s over, people can just relax and watch what they really enjoy… So Fox has not only lost the anti-fan progressive audience, but perhaps it’s also losing people who are waking from their comas.

Signs of the end-times

MSNBC Was the Most Watched News Network Last Week 8 to 11 PM During the Democratic National Convention

Over the five weekdays, MSNBC averaged 2.53 million total viewers, while Fox and CNN tied with roughly 2.35 million. This marks the first time in the network’s 16-year existence that MSNBC came in first for a full week of weekday primetime ratings.

It also marks the network’s second-best-ever weekly primetime performance. Their all-time best was the week of the 2008 presidential election, in which the network racked up an average of 2.73 million total viewers.

(via: thepoliticalfreakshow)

Further proof: Fox *is not* News


Fox News is following its well established pattern of underreporting stories that don’t appeal to its conservative base, instituting a virtual blackout of Rep. Todd Akin’s (R-MO) controversial — and widely condemned — comments about “legitimate rape.” — Fox News Institutes Virtual Blackout Of Todd Akin’s ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comments

Video: the one where Tamron Hall tells Tim Carney where he can stick his ‘meta meta’

Now this is good.

Washington Examiner reporter Tim Carney appeared on MSNBC this afternoon with host Tamron Hall, but was apparently uninterested in discussing what he agreed to come on to discuss, leading to a heated confrontation between the two. Hall asked Carney about the Romney campaign’s response to allegations that he bullied a perceived gay classmate in high school, but Carney refused to accept the premise, calling her question a “typical media trick.” Carney said Hall was trying to justify the initial allegations, which he claimed were bogus, by discussing the “meta story” of the response. Hall slapped Carney down for apparently going back on his agreement to discuss the topic and using the platform to criticize her. Watch it:

From Raw Story,

Hall cut him off, saying, “You knew what we were going to ask you. You didn’t have to accept the invitation to come on.” She went on to tell him to wait because “you’re kind of in my house here.”

Carney fired back, “What you’re bringing up here is a meta story. ‘What is the Romney response to this other non-story?’ I’m trying to go meta meta on you and say, here’s some media treatment.”

“You’re actually irritating me right now, I’m going to be honest with you,” Hall quipped, pointing out that she was asking Carney about Romeny’s response to not only the Colorado questions, but also a Washington Post story that reported he bullied a fellow student in prep school and his response to Obama’s endorsement of same sex marriage. “You’re not going to come on and insult me. You’re not going to come on and insult the network. You knew what you were going to talk about. Done.”

Carney immediately took to Twitter, protesting, “So that’s the first time a TV host cut off my mic. Best part: when she put me back on camera at the end to yell at me while I had a dead mic.” He added the hashtag “#metameta” to a tweet that linked to the Examiner’scoverage of the incident.

META META! What a dork.

Why does CNN currently suck?

Joe Coscarelli asks, Why Is No One Watching CNN?

Put gently, as usual, by the Times: “Like Fox News, MSNBC now has hosts with clear political points of view at key times of the day. CNN promotes itself as the top source for nonpartisan news on television.” In other words, it’s boring and basic, so people only watch when they need primary results or Whitney Houston dies. Cenk Uygur of Current TV’s The Young Turks has the following advice:

… for the love of God, stop doing “he said, she said” crap that doesn’t actually deliver the news to anyone. Democrats said this and Republicans said that — who cares? What is the reality?! Your job is supposed to be to bring us facts, not what official spokespeople told you in their press releases and talking points.

I agree that the ‘he said, she said’ bullshit has to go — in fact Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein recently wrote an excellent op-ed, practically begging the media, like CNN, to stop being such complete failures on this issue. But to have CNN bill itself as the “top source for nonpartisan news” is a joke. Please. Let’s not forget this is the cable news network which decided it would be a great idea to add political commentary from such glorious wingnuts as Erick Erickson and Dana Loesch. If I wanted to listen to rightwing nutjobs (which I don’t), I’d turn to Fox News (which I won’t). CNN is losing on many fronts.

Morning Bunker Report: Tuesday 5.1.2012


ALWAYS CHOOSE wealthy parents — If you don’t come from a wealthy family with tens of thousands of disposable income, well, that’s a shame — no small business for you. Romney wants young people to “take a shot,” “go for it,” “take a risk,” “get the education,” and “start a business,” but only if the federal government has no role in creating those opportunities. In the 2012 campaign context, the point isn’t to mock Romney for being very wealthy or for having very wealthy parents. Rather, what matters here is that he’s opposed to using public institutions to help level the playing field for everyone else. — Steve Benen

MITT ROMNEY thinks you should read W. Cleon Skousen: conspiracy theorist, slavery apologist, tea party icon. – “Skousen quotes from an essay which argues that “one of the blessings of slavery” was that slaves’ marriages were fleeting, and suggests that being bought at auction improved slaves’ self worth. The real victims of slavery, he suggested, were the white owners. The book also referred to black children as “pickaninnies”—which prompted lawmakers in California to block the text from being used in classrooms. In Skousen’s book, the model Supreme Court decision was Dred Scott, which correctly demarcated the limits of federal power; Roger B. Taney, who wrote the majority opinion in that case, was the model Supreme Court justice.” — Mother Jones

GOOD NEWS, Arizona lawmakers are on the verge of doing what no one else could — defeat the secret United Nations plot to lower poverty, eliminate radioactive waste, and improve the public health. Obvious, glaring threats to our way of life. Arizona lawmakers appear close to sending to Gov. Jan Brewer a tea party-backed bill that proponents say would stop a United Nations takeover conspiracy but that critics claim could end state and cities’ pollution-fighting efforts and even dismantle the state unemployment office. A final legislative vote is expected Monday on a bill that would outlaw government support of any of the 27 principles contained in the 1992 United Nations Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, also sometimes referred to as Agenda 21. — What’s Wrong With Arizona?

“REPRESENTATIVE PAUL D. RYAN strolls the halls of Capitol Hill with the anarchist band Rage Against the Machine pounding through his earbuds. At 6:30 every morning, he leads an adoring cast of young, conservative members of Congress through exercise sessions in front of a televised trainer barking out orders. For fun, Mr. Ryan noodles catfish, catching them barehanded with a fist down their throats. He may be, as a friend described him, “a hunting-obsessed gym rat,” but Mr. Ryan, 42, of Wisconsin, has become perhaps the most influential policy maker in the Republican Party, its de facto head of economic policy, intent on a fundamental transformation of the federal government.” — Wow. Half-Wonk, Half-Jock. Half-Objectivist, Half-Catholic. Half-Punk, Half-Wall Street. Paul Ryan is like a projected fantasy of what every high school Young Republican wants to be when he grows up. No wonder GOPers and reporters alike are writing his name all over their notebooks. — The Man, the Legend, the Catfish Noodler

STEPHEN FINCHER (R-TN), ANOTHER TEA PARTY FRESHMAN barfed into Congress on a wave of anger over government-funded bailouts of banks, is accepting cash from bailed-out bankers. Now those incumbents are collecting thousands of dollars for re-election campaigns from the same Wall Street firms whose excesses they criticized. They have taken no significant steps to curb them or prevent future taxpayer-financed rescues. Republican freshmen have made clear their disdain for expanding government, and openly opposed a financial regulatory overhaul enacted by Democrats in 2010 before the newcomers arrived in Washington. [...] “I haven’t seen any of them putting forth legislation on breaking up the big banks or on other things that would genuinely prevent a bailout next time,” said Marcus Stanley, policy director of Americans for Financial Reform, a Washington- based umbrella group of organizations that supported the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act and other financial regulations. — Bloomberg

PRESIDENT OBAMA / DEMOCRATS————————————————————

Former President Clinton: Obama ‘Deserves to Be Re-Elected’ – “He’s got an opponent who basically wants to do what they did before, on steroids, which will get you the same consequences you got before, on steroids,” Clinton said at a campaign event this weekend.

“I WOULD SUPPORT the president’s version of the DREAM Act…I think that Senator Rubio’s version of the DREAM Act would create a second class status for folks. And I understand that Speaker Boehner has said that he doesn’t expect that that issue will be addressed in this Congress…He said the DREAM Act would be a handout and has campaigned with Kris Kobach, who authored the Arizona and the Alabama laws…” — Los Angeles’ Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, chair of the Democratic convention later this year, criticized Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) work-in-progress version of the DREAM Act. — CBS NEWS | Video

WHILE OBAMA SAID it’s “entirely appropriate” to “remember what we as a country accomplished” in getting bin Laden, the President advised that people look at what Romney said in 2007 and ask him why he now says something different: OBAMA: As far as my personal role and what other folks would do, I just recommend that everybody take a look at people’s previous statements in terms of whether they thought it was appropriate to go into Pakistan and take out bin Laden. I assumed that people meant what they said when they said it, that’s been at least my practice. I said that we’d go after bin Laden if we had a clear shot at him and I did. If there are others who have said one thing and now suggested they’d do something else, then I’d go ahead and let them explain it. — Obama: ‘I Assumed’ He Meant It When He Said He Wouldn’t Get Bin Laden

THE REASON for all the dust that’s being thrown up is that, every time he talks about foreign policy, Romney is a blindfolded man in a yard full of rakes.  Is anyone taking seriously the complaints now coming about how the president’s re-election campaign is using the decision to kill Osama bin Laden to its own advantage? I think the killing of the author of the 9/11 atrocities, and a considerable international murderer even beyond that particular crime, is something that a president who wants to be president again is within his rights to use. However, Willard Romney is all a’flutter. (“My dear young chap, that simply is not done.”) There apparently were no clouds in the sky at which John McCain could yell, so he weighed in on the dreadful inappropriateness of it all. [...] In the present case, the president actually gave the order. Osama bin Laden is actually dead. And, having done what he did, the president is well within his rights to wonder out loud if Willard Romney would have made the same call, given what Romney said back in 2007, when he was just starting to run for president. And it’s no more or less “fair” on the merits than is Romney’s constant refrain that the president “doesn’t understand how the economy works” because he’s never been a vulture capitalist. (Today in New Hampshire, while travelling around with Senator Kelly Ayotte, his latest vice-presidential beard, and demonstrating the pure class and raw political courage that has marked his entire political career by throwing a cheap shot at someone who wasn’t in the room, Romney said that, “Even Jimmy Carter would have given that order.” This from a man whose toughest decision in his life has been which house to sleep in.) — Charles P. Pierce

“I’VE KNOWN RICH PEOPLE, and why not, since I’m one of them? The majority would rather douse their dicks with lighter fluid, strike a match, and dance around singing “Disco Inferno” than pay one more cent in taxes to Uncle Sugar.” — Stephen King, “Tax Me, for F@%&’s Sake!”

DID PRESIDENT OBAMA’S re-election campaign take its new slogan from MSNBC? The campaign unveiled a new video with a new tagline on Monday morning. The slogan? “Forward.” The “Morning Joe” crew were among the many to notice that the slogan bears more than a passing resemblance to MSNBC’s nearly two-year-old branding line, “Lean Forward.” — Joe Scarborough: Obama’s New Slogan Taken From MSNBC

FACTOID: “BACKWARDS” has already been trademarked by the Republican Party.

Sunday morning’s 9 interesting things

1) Romney Wins Maine Caucus – Tiny turnout. || From Nate Silver: Mitt Romney’s narrow win in Maine didn’t do much for him in terms of delegates, but it did spare him some bad press. || Note: Romney must be very thankful for the 194 individuals who voted for him over Ron Paul. Maybe Maine wasn’t aware there was a caucus happening? 

2) Poll: Santorum now leads GOP primary race – In a new poll released Saturday from liberal polling firm Public Policy Polling, Santorum’s huge Tuesday night wins has now seen him surge ahead of both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich nationally, leading the race at 38 percent. Romney is now in second place at 23 percent, while Gingrich is fading in third at 17 percent. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) is in fourth place at 13 percent.

3) Santorum quote:

“I believe and I think the right approach is to accept this horribly created — in the sense of rape — but nevertheless a gift in a very broken way, the gift of human life, and accept what God has given to you. As you know, we have to, in lots of different aspects of our life. We have horrible things happen. I can’t think of anything more horrible. But, nevertheless, we have to make the best out of a bad situation.” – Rick Santorum on pregnancy resulting from rape

4) Obama quote:

“Whether you’re a teacher, or a small businesswoman, or a nurse, or a janitor, no woman’s health should depend on who she is or where she works or how much money she makes. Every woman should be in control of the decisions that affect her own health. Period. This basic principle is already the law in 28 states across the country.” – President Obama (via: sarahlee310)

5) Things the Catholic Church is and is not concerned about for $100, Alex?

VERY IS: Your lady parts and your pregnancy choices. Catholic bishops reject Obama’s ‘accommodation’ on birth control - Faced with a religious-based outcry over his birth-control mandate, President Obama on Friday unveiled an “accommodation” he said “protects” the religious freedom of churches opposed to contraception. Just hours later, the Catholic Church rejected the plan. Obama’s compromise, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) said Friday, “continues to involve needless government intrusion in the internal governance of religious institutions, and to threaten government coercion of religious people and groups to violate their most deeply held convictions.”

IS NOT: Sexual abuse of children by priests. 8,000 instances of abuse alleged in Archdiocese bankruptcy hearing – Sealed documents filed in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee bankruptcy identify at least 8,000 instances of child sexual abuse and 100 alleged offenders – 75 of them priests – who have not previously been named by the archdiocese, a victims’ attorney said Thursday. Archdiocese spokeswoman Julie Wolf said she did not have enough information to respond to the assertion, made by attorney Jeffrey Anderson during a pivotal hearing before U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Susan V. Kelley. Anderson represents about 350 of the 570 victim-survivors who have filed claims in the case.

6) About This Religious Liberty Stuff – When did the 1st Amendment change from basically saying that you can practice whatever religion you want and you won’t be burned at the stake as a heretic and we’re not going to form or recognize a national religion like the Church of England? When did it change to “everyone everywhere has to do what a bunch of old catholics in funny hats wants, because otherwise it hurts their feelings?” And why does it only apply to certain religions?  [...] Does no one realize how absurd the Catholic Bishops are behaving? They are attempting, by dictate, to do precisely what the 1st Amendment bans, which is the establishment of a national religion. It’s obscene. And it is completely political. They are no longer functioning as a religious organization, but as a political party.

7) Breitbartocalypse Is Nigh! - Here’s Breitbart bellowing like a ruptured cow at the OWS protesters at CPAC. Jesus God, what a braying ninny. Does he think screeching inanities until his neck veins pulse alarmingly and being led away by security personnel is some sort of rhetorical triumph? What an asshole. || Note: I could only take about 10 seconds of this video. See if you can do better! Breitbart apparently switches from  yowling “behave yourselves” to “stop raping people.” Lol. Yeah. Drunk, obv.

8) REPORT: By A Nearly 2 To 1 Margin, Cable Networks Call On Men Over Women To Comment On Birth Control - Out of a total of 146 guests who discussed contraception, the cables invited 91 men compared to 55 women as commentators. In other words, males comprised 62 percent of the total guests who commented on contraception. Fox was the most gender stratified network – on the Business network, 10 of 11 guests were male; on the News side, male pundits took up 65 percent of the guest lineup (28 men vs. 15 women). Sixty percent of MSNBC’s lineup was male (44 men vs. 31 women). And while CNN was more evenly balanced, it was still slightly tilted in favor of male perspectives (9 men vs. 8 women).

9) Does Watching Violence Lower Violence? – While exposing kids to the latest cadaver on CSI — or to Jack Bauer’s lessons in successful torture on 24 — is probably a bad idea, watching an action movie might in fact reduce violence among adults. A recent study in the Quarterly Journal of Economics suggests that violent crime rates actually dropped when a blood-splattered blockbuster was in the cinema in the United States. The authors Gordon Dahl and Stefano DellaVigna looked at data from 1995 to 2004 and concluded that violent movies deter almost 1,000 assaults on an average weekend in the United States.

Chris Matthews’ on Romney: “He inherited everything. Everything about him basically happened to him”

The Republican party’s candidate of choice for president:

“His family has all they want. They’ve gotten their take. When you’re hiding your money from the tax collectors so that you can have a fatter life, you don’t identify with the person trying to scrabble along making it in our society, who is a true patriot, left, right or center. Why are you hiding your money overseas if you are a patriot? It seems like you are part of the problem — in fact, you are one of the bad guys.

I think he has a very, very difficult time identifying with the yearnings of the American people for a better country and he’s earned that problem. He has not identified with the revolutionary struggle of this country for its last 200 years. It is not anywhere in his bones, a revolutionary, anywhere in his bones, is he dissatisfied with the America he was born to — he was born to that weird small portion of America that had it happened to him. He says he didn’t inherit it, he inherited everything: his education, his status, governor, father head of an auto company. Everything about him basically happened to him.

He wouldn’t be caught dead at a tea party meeting. It is below him and I think they know it…he’s never been in any movement. He’s benefited from the way things are. How can he pretend to be at the barricades?”

– Chris Matthews’ Epic Rant On Romney: ‘He Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead At A Tea Party Meeting’ | Mediaite

U.S. healthcare reform: insurance companies shouldn’t manage our healthcare

Healthcare shouldn’t be managed under a system that attempts to maximize profits for insurance companies and their CEOs and stock holders. The U.S. healthcare system is becoming impossible under the current fee for service system, which is due to insurance companies managing our healthcare decisions with profit as their bottom line.

Dylan Ratigan:

[W]e don’t have a health care system, we have a treatment sales system. The more tests and treatments a doctor can sell, the more money he or she can make in fees — that means there’s a financial incentive to order an extra MRI or perform a surgery that may or may not be completely necessary.

This system is commonly called the “fee for service” model for medical practice. That, in turn, is married to an employer-based health insurance monopoly — the combination drives up costs for all of us. (Perhaps that’s why we spend more money than any other country worldwide on health care, but come in at #37 in quality of care.)

To discuss the issues with our model “fee for service” healthcare, Dylan was joined by former DNC chair Dr. Howard Dean — he has called “fee for service” the single biggest barrier to controlling health care costs in America. Also in this segment is Charlie Kolb, president of the Committee for Economic Development, which represents a wide variety of major corporations in this country.


via: leftish (from the video above):

In the United States, an MRI scan is $1009.00

In Britain it’s $187.00.

In the United States, bypass surgery costs over $59,000, in Britain just shy of $14,000.

Why do we pay so much, more than any other country in the world, and have relatively so little to show for it?

We outspend the rest of the world but in a country like France, which spends half as much as we do, the people live longer, they have lower infant mortality rates and they don’t have the obesity problems that we have.

~ Charlie Kolb, President of the Committee for Economic Development

Pat Buchanan FINALLY crossed a line with MSNBC: won’t be allowed back on the network

Seriously, finally! Because it’s not like this book reveals anything new about Pat Buchanan. Maybe all the complaints finally reached an actionable level with MSNBC.

MSNBC Ousts Contributor Pat Buchanan Over Racist Book | Conservative contributor Pat Buchanan’s tenure at MSNBC may have finally come to an end. AP reports that MSNBC president Phil Griffin has indicated the controversial former presidential candidate will not be allowed back on the network after the release of his latest book. “Suicide of a Superpower” has been roundly condemned for its racially-charged content, including chapters titled “The End of White America” and “The Death of Christian America.” Griffin said, “When Pat was on his book tour, because of the content of the book, I didn’t think it should be part of the national dialogue much less part of the dialogue on MSNBC.”

You can find some quotes from “Suicide of A Superpower” at TPM. Here are a couple:

From the chapter “‘The White Party’”:

What the above points to is a strategy from which Republicans will recoil, a strategy to increase the GOP share of the white Christian vote and increase the turnout of that vote by specific appeals to social, cultural, and moral issues, and for equal justice for the emerging white minority. If the GOP is not the party of New Haven firefighter Frank Ricci and Cambridge cop James Crowley, it has no future. And although Howard Dean disparages the Republicans as the “white party,” why should Republicans be ashamed to represent the progeny of the men who founded, built, and defended America since her birth as a nation?

On the segregation era:

Perhaps some of us misremember the past. But the racial, religious, cultural, social, political, and economic divides today seem greater than they seemed even in the segregation cities some of us grew up in.

Back then, black and white lived apart, went to different schools and churches, played on different playgrounds, and went to different restaurants, bars, theaters, and soda fountains. But we shared a country and a culture. We were one nation. We were Americans.

Ah, memories! What a magical, patriotic, fun, sexy time that was for America…

#OccupyWallStreet: Got 15 minutes on MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell tonight


First story on The Last Word w/ Lawrence O’Donnell tonight: the Occupy Wall Street protests. Not just a brief mention, either: the first 15 minutes were dedicated to talking in depth about how Wall Street’s greed has led to the protests we’re seeing day after day, including an interview with Michael Moore. O’Donnell says he will also address police brutality at the end of the program. Great example of the growing media coverage on Occupy Wall Street.


Who’s the dick now, Mark Halperin?

Via @Markhalperin

MSNBC on Thursday suspended indefinitely Mark Halperin from his role as an analyst on the network, hours after the Time Editor-at-Large called President Obama “a dick” on live television.

“Mark Halperin’s comments this morning were completely inappropriate and unacceptable. We apologize to the president, the White House and all of our viewers,” MSNBC said in a written statement.

“We strive for a high level of discourse and comments like these have no place on our air. Therefore, Mark will be suspended indefinitely from his role as an analyst,” the MSNBC statement said.

It’s nice hearing the words “liar” and “racist” and “vulgar” to describe …frauds like Donald Trump.

John Cole congratulates Lawrence O’Donnell for the following clip:

It’s refreshing to have someone point out the impact that this sort of disgraceful bullshit has on African-Americans all across the country. It’s so nice to see someone not give a shit about the delicate feelings of our he-said, she-said, both sides do it hacks in the media.


UPDATE * * * * * *

Via Greg Sargent: It’s good to see that a network figure like CBS’s Bob Schieffer is flatly denouncing Donald Trump’s reprehensible claim about Obama’s alleged lack of Ivy League qualifications for what it is:

“That’s just code for saying he got into law school because he’s black. This is an ugly strain of racism that’s running through this whole thing.”

Jon Stewart on the news that GE had $14.2 BILLION in profits for 2010 and yet paid ZERO taxes

Jon Stewart on the news that GE had $14.2 BILLION in profits for 2010 and yet paid ZERO taxes. See more here…


Of course for teabaggers, the knee-jerk response that their Koch-Brothers-funded organization has taught them to say is “BUT… JOBS!” Doesn’t matter if there aren’t any jobs, or that GE and other such corporations haven’t created any jobs. Their point is that these corporations could create jobs when they stop hoarding their profits — and giving them even more tax breaks means they could really, really create jobs. Plus, the alternative is Marxism! somehow.