Reaganomics & small government: Clinton vs. Obama

Bob Cesca: John Cole adds a reality check to the recent ascension of Bill Clinton as political hero:

It is also worth noting that many of the reasons Obama has had difficulty is because he is trying to undo where Clinton failed, whether it be DADT, DOMA, health care, or putting back the economy that was trashed in some part because of Clinton era deregulation.

Clinton was the Democratic leader who most embodied the coerced continuation of Reaganomics. Progressives would be happier with President Obama if this was properly remembered, alongside the fact that the current president has, on numerous occasions, declared an end to Reaganomics and smaller government. We tend to forget.

And NAFTA! Let’s not forget how the free trade agreement (“that giant sucking sound,” as Perot once said] has worked out so extremely well for the American worker / middle-class. Obama campaigned on the promise to renegotiate NAFTA. It’s no wonder the GOP is feeling a bit nostalgic for Bill Clinton.