Getting past Mitt Romney’s “Romneyness”

On Friday night, Bill Maher explained why people hate Mitt. Now Noah Millman gives Mitt some free advice (via: Andrew Sullivan):

[T]he big problem with Mitt Romney’s “Romneyness” is that he seems like a manager rather than a leader. To put it very crudely, he just doesn’t seem like an alpha male. Gingrich, by contrast, is a walking catalog of everything that is wrong with alpha-maleness. But for better or worse, Americans want to believe that their President is a leader, captain of his own ship, commander of his own destiny. Romney is an organization man. Having the organization come in and try to muscle him to the top will only provoke a greater rebellion, which in turn will damage the organization more than it will help Romney.

That may be the entire problem: Mitt can’t win without the organization, the organization is what programs the Mittbot.

This video is worth watching — a Romneyness mashup: