Falling out of lockstep

An exchange between Sean Hannity and Rick Perry, regarding Perry’s statements that Bain Capital (and likely GOP candidate Romney) were vultures who preyed on distressed companies:

HANNITY: “It almost sounds like Occupy Wall Street. It doesn’t sound like someone who is governing Texas as a conservative.”

PERRY: “There is a real difference between venture capitalism and vulture capitalism. Venture capitalism we like. Vulture capitalism, no. And the fact of the matter is that he is going to have to face up to this at some time or another.”

Hannity’s right — it does sound like OWS because it makes sense, it’s factual. When someone in wingnuttia falls out of lockstep and starts spouting facts and truth, they’re accused of being like the “liberals.” Heh.


#PacifyWallStreet vs. #OccupyWallStreet

A stock trader admits THEY LOOK FORWARD TO another big recession because they make a lot of money #OccupyWallStreet

‘I Go To Bed Every Night And I Dream Of Another Recession’ - ThinkProgress

While European government and financial leaders are scrambling to prevent a financial crisis in the Eurozone that would likely throw the global economy into even more turmoil, stock trader Alessio Rastani took to BBC today to tell the world that traders were looking forward to the possibility of a second big recession. “For most traders, it’s not about – we don’t really care that much how they’re going to fix the economy, how they’re going to fix the whole situation,” he said. “Our job is to make money from it.” Rastani, who also claimed “Goldman Sachs rules the world,” said, “Personally, I’ve been dreaming of this moment for three years…I go to bed every night and I dream of another recession. When the market crashes… if you know what to do, if you have the right plan set up, you can make a lot of money from this.” 

Wall Street bankers like Rastani, meanwhile, are large donors to the GOP’s presidential frontrunners, who want to repeal the Dodd-Frank financial reform law that was aimed at preventing another financial crisis like the one that wrecked the American economy in 2008.

The Few profiting off the misery of the Most: extend the tax cuts for the wealthy and give spending cuts to the rest of us. Deregulate and hoard what you can — let them eat cake!  Something to keep in mind when you wonder if you should get yourself to a voting booth in 2012.

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Who’s supporting #OccupyWallStreet now?

Several Marines to support Occupy Wall Street (via: divineirony)

 So far, 15 of my fellow marine buddies are meeting me there, also in Uniform. I want to send the following message to Wall St and Congress:I didn’t fight for Wall St. I fought for America. Now it’s Congress’ turn.

My true hope, though, is that we Veterans can act as first line of defense between the police and the protester. If they want to get to some protesters so they can mace them, they will have to get through the Fucking Marine Corps first. Let’s see a cop mace a bunch of decorated war vets.

AFL-CIO’s Trumka Hails Occupy Wall Street

Declaring that “Wall Street’s out of control,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka has embraced street protests such as the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations—and others like them that are planned for cities across the country.

Asked about the ongoing mass protest in New York’s financial district, which has begun to gain support from major unions, Trumka said Friday morning: “I think it’s a tactic and a valid tactic to call attention to a problem. Wall Street is out of control. We have three imbalances in this country—the imbalance between imports and exports, the imbalance between employer power and working power, and the imbalance between the real economy and the financial economy. We need to bring back balance to the financial economy, and calling attention to it and peacefully protesting is a very legitimate way of doing it.”

Occupy Wall Street movement receiving mail and supplies from supporters across the U.S.

Twice a day, the Occupy Wall Street movement gets mail – so much the protesters had to designate an official “mailman.”

Well-wishers and kindred spirits from across the country have been sending cardboard boxes bearing food, medical supplies, clothes and blankets to the masses who have camped out near Ground Zero since Sept. 14.

“I want to thank you for the many sacrifices you are making to better this nation,” read a note that Janet Bauer of Elk Grove Village, Ill., wrote to accompany her care package. She also threw in $30 in cash. “I’m a 51-year-old permanently disabled person who is unable to join you – but know my heart and hopes are with you.”

The nation and the world (see ACTIONS on right sidebar):

Related (past few days):

The corrupt fear us. The honest support us. The heroic join us.

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#OccupyWallStreet — 700 arrested last night on the Brooklyn Bridge


Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters pour across the Brooklyn Bridge. See more photos on GOOD→


(AP) NEW YORK — More than 700 protesters demonstrating against corporate greed, global warming and social inequality, among other grievances, were arrested Saturday after they swarmed the Brooklyn Bridge and shut down a lane of traffic for several hours in a tense confrontation with police.

How much more media coverage will 700 arrests give OccupyWallStreet? I think it’s a good thing.

(Photo) A couple of policemen can’t help but contemplate #OccupyWallStreet

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Sign: The NYPD is a layoff away from joining us!

Irony: the police are protecting the 1% from the 99% they and their families and friends are a part of. FOR NOW.

#OccupyWallStreet & #ClassWarfare: Poverty is not the Enemy…

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We have this fantasy that our interests and the interests of the super rich are the same. Like somehow the rich will eventually get so full that they’ll explode. And the candy will rain down on the rest of us. Like there’s some kind of piñata of benevolence. But here’s the thing about a piñata: it doesn’t open on it’s own. You have to beat it with a stick.”Bill Maher


FIVE FACTS from Tax Policy Center — #1: 100,000 millionaires pay lower taxes than YOU …if you’re an average American. From the Center for American Progress:

  1. More than 100,000 millionaires pay lower taxes than the average American.
  2. Forty percent of millionaires pay a lower tax rate than 3.4 million Americans who earn between $40,000 and $50,000.
  3. One hundred thousand millionaires pay a lower tax rate than 2.8 million Americans who earn only $10,000 to $20,000.
  4. Forty-six million Americans who earn less than $50,000 annually pay a higher tax rate than 43,000 millionaires.
  5. More than 43 million Americans who earn less than $100,000 pay a higher tax rate than 100,000 millionaires.

Read it all…


Struggles over taxes always pit business and the rich against the middle-income earners and the poor. Each side seeks to shift the tax burden off of itself and on to the other side. “Class war” in that sense is nothing new. Accusing only one side of waging that war is ignorant at best and dishonest at worst. No one should be fooled. Today, business and the rich are waging class war yet again to avoid even a small, modest reverse in the huge tax cuts they won in that war over the last half-century.The Truth About “Class War” in America


The job creators are working and middle class Americans who have a paycheck and the income to spend on things they want. No good pay, no job, no demand for products or services. Wealthy people and corporations who hoard their tax cuts, offshore what were formerly U.S. jobs, and / or increase their CEO bonuses year after year? That would be the OPPOSITE of job creators. — John Boehner talked about jobs. Yawn.

200,000 member labor union joins #OccupyWallStreet

“According to Daily Kos, The New York Transit Workers Union (TWU) voted to support the Wall Street Protestors at their meeting last night. A member of TWU Local 100 told a reporter that they would join the protest Friday at 4PM.”

200,000-member labor union votes to support ‘Occupy Wall Street’

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Next up at #OccupyWallStreet: Veteran Agitators

Going into its 14th day, the Occupy Wall Street protest is not only not fading out, it’s about to get a big injection of support and bodies. The established New York City labor and community groups who normally organize local marches, rallies and sit-ins, have announced they plan to join up next week.

Crain’s reports that the groups include The United Federation of Teachers, 32BJ SEIU, 1199 SEIU, Workers United and Transport Workers Union Local 100. The Working Families Party will help organize it, and MoveOn.org will help promote it.

“We’re getting involved because the crisis was caused by the excesses of Wall Street and the consequences have fallen hardest on workers,” a spokesman for TWU Local 100 told Crain’s.

“We’re not trying to grab the steering wheel or to control it,” Michael Kink, executive director of the Strong Economy For All coalition told Crain’s. “We’re looking to find common cause and support the effort. It’s the right fight at the right time and we want to be part of it.”

Modeled after this summer’s demonstrations in Cairo’s Tahrir Square in which protesters occupied the area 18 days, the Occupy Wall Street’s objectives are multifarious, but they generally all object to corporate influence in American politics and decry Wall Street’s contributions to the recent global economics crises.

This week celebrities Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon paid visits to the movement. Roseanne Barr, Russell Simmons, and Lupe Fiasco have also popped their heads in.

Veteran agitators flock to Occupy Wall Street (via: consumerist)

#OccupyWallStreet overhead photo of the LARGE NUMBER of demonstrators

UPDATE 10:18 AM MST: I’ve just been told this is a fake photo, and may be from the 2004 demonstrations against the GOP. If you know for sure or have links, please comment. Thanks!


Overhead view of the occupy wall street demonstrators.

How ridiculous that NPR tried to pretend that this protest didn’t “involve large numbers of people”. I’m glad that All Things Considered eventually (begrudgingly, after much arm twisting and angry letter writing) covered this, but the fact that it took so long and the justification for ignoring it was so blatantly untrue is just unacceptable.

(Photo thanks to Kevin Gonzales)

#OccupyWallStreet: Got 15 minutes on MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell tonight


First story on The Last Word w/ Lawrence O’Donnell tonight: the Occupy Wall Street protests. Not just a brief mention, either: the first 15 minutes were dedicated to talking in depth about how Wall Street’s greed has led to the protests we’re seeing day after day, including an interview with Michael Moore. O’Donnell says he will also address police brutality at the end of the program. Great example of the growing media coverage on Occupy Wall Street.

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#OccupyWallStreet: occupying other cities, prominent voices in support of the demonstrations

Raw Story reports on the coordination efforts of occupying other cities, as well as some prominent voices now publicly supporting the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations:

Another demonstration popped up in Chicago over the weekend. Around 20 “Occupy Chicago” protesters gathered at Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower, on Friday and then marched to the Federal Reserve Bank. Some protesters have remained camped out in front of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, and the organizers said the “occupation” had grown from 4 people to about 50.

Other “occupation” protests are being planned for Detroit, Denver, Cleveland, Boston, Phoenix, Seattle, Kansas City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. The site occupytogether.org has been set up in hopes of coordinating the protests.

Although the New York Times described the protest as a “noble but fractured and airy movement of rightly frustrated young people” whose purpose was “virtually impossible to decipher,” the demonstration has attracted some prominent voices in the progressive and liberal community.

Journalist Chris Hedges described the protest as “really where the hope of America lies.”

“The real radicals have seized power,” he asserted, “and they are decimating all impediments to the creation of a neo-feudalistic corporate state, one in which there is a rapacious oligarchic class, a thin managerial elite, and two-thirds of this country live in conditions that increasingly push families to subsistence level.”

MIT professor Noam Chomsky also said he supports the protest. “Anyone with eyes open knows that the gangsterism of Wall Street — financial institutions generally — has caused severe damage to the people of the United States (and the world),” he said. “And should also know that it has been doing so increasingly for over 30 years, as their power in the economy has radically increased, and with it their political power.”

Filmmaker Michael Moore and Current TV host Keith Olbermann both separately lamented the lack of substantial news coverage of the event, questioning why same-sized or smaller tea party protests garnered more attention than “Occupy Wall Street.”

Even Stephen Colbert chimed in, wondering why his reporters couldn’t find the stereotypical “mindless hippie argle-bargle” in the protest.

Interesting that the New York Times said the demonstrations’ purpose was “virtually impossible to decipher,” while The Guardian described it as, “young people [who] have come to reclaim the future.”  It’s all in how you look at it, I guess.

I was deployed to Iraq 4x

5 of my friends are dead
1 of my friends is missing his arm
1 of my friends killed himself
I’ve been blown up 2x by roadside bombs
Hearing fireworks makes me nervous
I don’t sleep at night

All so bankers and war profiteers could get richer

I am the 99%


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The Guardian on #OccupyWallStreet: young people have come to reclaim the future

WHY ARE PEOPLE occupying Wall Street? From The Guardian:

There are obvious reasons. We are watching the beginnings of the defiant self-assertion of a new generation of Americans, a generation who are looking forward to finishing their education with no jobs, no future, but still saddled with enormous and unforgivable debt. Most, I found, were of working-class or otherwise modest backgrounds, kids who did exactly what they were told they should: studied, got into college, and are now not just being punished for it, but humiliated – faced with a life of being treated as deadbeats, moral reprobates.

Is it really surprising they would like to have a word with the financial magnates who stole their future?

Just as in Europe, we are seeing the results of colossal social failure. The occupiers are the very sort of people, brimming with ideas, whose energies a healthy society would be marshaling to improve life for everyone. Instead, they are using it to envision ways to bring the whole system down.

But the ultimate failure here is of imagination. What we are witnessing can also be seen as a demand to finally have a conversation we were all supposed to have back in 2008. There was a moment, after the near-collapse of the world’s financial architecture, when anything seemed possible.

Everything we’d been told for the last decade turned out to be a lie. Markets did not run themselves; creators of financial instruments were not infallible geniuses; and debts did not really need to be repaid – in fact, money itself was revealed to be a political instrument, trillions of dollars of which could be whisked in or out of existence overnight if governments or central banks required it. Even the Economist was running headlines like “Capitalism: Was it a Good Idea?”

It seemed the time had come to rethink everything: the very nature of markets, money, debt; to ask what an “economy” is actually for. This lasted perhaps two weeks. Then, in one of the most colossal failures of nerve in history, we all collectively clapped our hands over our ears and tried to put things back as close as possible to the way they’d been before.

Perhaps, it’s not surprising. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the real priority of those running the world for the last few decades has not been creating a viable form of capitalism, but rather, convincing us all that the current form of capitalism is the only conceivable economic system, so its flaws are irrelevant. As a result, we’re all sitting around dumbfounded as the whole apparatus falls apart.

What we’ve learned now is that the economic crisis of the 1970s never really went away. It was fobbed off by cheap credit at home and massive plunder abroad – the latter, in the name of the “third world debt crisis”…

Read the rest…

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If you live on Main Street, you should support the occupation of Wall Street.

#OccupyWallStreet: it only took 30 years — middle class to working poor

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“A message to blue-collar police: Do not do what you are told. We are peaceful and you know this. We offer you coffee in the morning and water in the day. You always refuse and we know that’s because they told you to. Speak of the crimes of your supervisors. We will help you. We are expressing the same frustration that you feel. You are the 99 percent. Join us. Join our conversation.”OccupyWallSt.org via letterstomycountry

evanfleischer: Both within the past ten minutes — via @EgyptEagle (via: letterstomycountry)

(Previous coverage / twitter list.)

#OccupyWallStreet: the day will come when average Americans have NOTHING left to lose…

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