“Win, lose or draw in November, the Republican Party is over, finished, kaput.”

Fact is: hardly anyone really likes Mitt Romney, even people who say they do — and it showed. He’s everybody’s Cracker Jack box without a prize, the kid to whose birthday party no one wants to be invited to, even though his house has a swimming pool. He’s the would-be head of the richest and most powerful nation on earth, from whom you wouldn’t buy a vacuum cleaner without a money-back guarantee. It appears the only way he could get anyone except his wife to speak on his behalf was to let them unofficially launch their 2016 campaigns for president — and barely mention him. — Republicans are finished – South Florida Sun-Sentinel

But we’re all still hopeful

Only 37% of self-identified Republicans have gained a firm grasp on reality.

Teaparty supporters: they’re always different

Nearly six in ten Americans say a federal government shutdown would be bad for the country. That figure jumps to 73 percent if a shutdown were to last “a few weeks.”

And then, naturally, there are the teabaggers…