Romney blunders US / European relations with Russia, then calls foreign policy “a distraction”

Right now Mitt Romney is only the Republican presidential candidate, but he’s already successfully blundered our foreign relations with Russia:

MOSCOW — President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that a comment made by U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney has made Russia feel justified in opposing America’s missile defense plans in Europe.

The Republican challenger to President Barack Obama has branded Russia the “No. 1 geopolitical foe” of the United States.

Putin said that statement shows Russia is right to criticize the U.S.-led NATO plan to place land- and sea-based radars and interceptors in several European locations. Washington says the shield is intended against a possible missile attack from Iran, but Moscow sees it as a threat to its security, saying it may eventually grow powerful enough to undermine Russia’s nuclear deterrent.

Oops! Team Romney’s response? Foreign policy is a “distraction.”

An adviser to Mitt Romney referred to foreign policy as a “distraction” in this year’s presidential election… Romney aide Robert O’Brien accused the Obama campaign of “going from one shiny object to the next.”

[...] Romney has received widespread criticism — even from leading Republicans — for ignoring U.S. troops and the war in Afghanistan in his speech to the Republican National Convention.

But O’Brien’s claim that foreign policy is a distraction squares with a wider theme of Romney’s campaign. Another adviser told the New York Times back in May that “Romney doesn’t want to really engage these issues until he is in office.” [ed -- everything's a secret until after the election!] While it seems clear that the so-called “Cheney-ites” are running things behind the scenes… his recent foreign trip that was supposed to be a slam dunk in beefing up his security bona fides bombed, spawning the not-so-flattering moniker “Romney Shambles.”

Mitt’s the foreign policy disaster that keeps on giving… sort of like George W. Bush. Elect Romney and the GOP’s Forever War pushes onward to Iran.