Sarcasm CAN keep you out of jail

Anthony Weiner talks sarcastically about the Republican Party’s vote to defund NPR

Anthony Weiner is a delight and his dripping sarcasm is a balm to my soul:

Crisis averted ladies and gentlemen! What a relief. What. A. Relief. I’m glad we got the economy back going. I’m glad we secured our nuclear power plants. I’m so glad the Americans are back to work

We finally found our problem. We discovered a target that we call all agree upon. It’s these guys! This is the problem: it’s Click and clack the Tappet Brothers. We’re FINALLY getting rid of them. THANK GOD we solved this problem for the country.”

And later…

“The Republican Party. No one can say they’re not in touch. They get it. They understand where the American people are. The American people are not concerned about jobs and the economy, what’s going on around the world. They’re staring at their radio, saying, ‘Get rid of Click and Clack.’ Finally my Republican friends are doing it. KUDOS to you”

I Tony Weiner.


Question of the day: Is Palin lying or is she stupid? Discuss.

Palin was tweetin’ up a storm this morning:

Charles Johnson:

Here’s what Mama Grizzly’s roaring about: not a “happy birthday” message at all, but two very pointed comments from State Department spokesman PJ Crowley, calling for Ahmadinejad to release two detained American hikers, and change Iran’s relationship to the rest of the world.

Exit question: is Palin just trying to get the wingnuts enraged again, or is she really so dim that she doesn’t see the sarcasm?

Bears don’t understand sarcasm. I wonder if she spend all morning composing those Scrabble-like tweets.