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ICYMI Saturday in the Bunker

Ed Stein

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ICYMI Saturday in the Bunker

Palin’s feminism? The article the picture links to is pretty good, too. 

Focus on what’s important, GOP-Teaparty. There are no JOBS located in my uterus.

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Election Day coffee in the bunker

Michael Moore’s Twitter

“And if you point out that their arguments don’t add up, they fly into a rage. Try to explain that when debtors spend less, the economy will be depressed unless somebody else spends more, and they call you a socialist. Try to explain why mortgage relief is better for America than foreclosing on homes that must be sold at a huge loss, and they start ranting like Mr. Santelli.” – [Paul Krugman via Bob Cesca]

  • Jon Stewart’s [and Stephen Colbert's] “Rally for Sanity” has smashed the record for number of trips taken on DC’s subway system on a Saturday. [RawStory via NBCNews]
  • On Yucca Mountain: “I’m all in favor of rewarding Nevadans for their Sharron Angle votes. If we have to tolerate her toxic waste on the national scene, you get our radioactive waste in your back yard. Seems like a fair trade.” [John Cole]
  • Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), who heads up the National Republican Senatorial Committee, conceded this morning that the GOP will not win a majority in the Senate. [TPM]
  • RNC Chairman Michael Steele told Candy Crowly the GOP is “not going to compromise on raising the debt ceiling” — something that will almost certainly lead to a government shutdown and economic catastrophe. [ThinkProgress]

Election Day message from Balloon Juice: If you’re really still thinking about not voting today, watch this video, check out what the fuck Obama has done so far, and vote. If you don’t know where to vote, find your fucking polling place.

Saturday: Sanity or Fear

The rallies will be broadcast live on Comedy Central and streamed live. Also, CSpan:

Follow ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’ via C-SPAN’s Continuing the Conversation social media page

Follow ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’ via C-SPAN’s Continuing the Conversation social media page [Brooklyn Mutt]

Enjoy your Saturday

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