Meet the Romney-supporting “patriots” of Bettendorf, Iowa

“They were having in event in Bettendorf, Iowa. And they—if you went online, you could get these free tickets, so we decided we would go. And I was seven rows from the podium that he stood behind. And I asked him, “Will you please come to Freeport, Illinois, and help Sensata employees save their jobs?” At that point, we were removed. And as we were being removed, his supporters are screaming—first they start a “U.S.A.” chant. And we’re like, “Yes, we agree.” And then they started calling us communists for trying to keep our jobs from going to China. And I have never understood that yet.” — Tom Gaulrapp, who worked at Sensata Technologies for 33 years.

These are people who are too stupid to realize they’re next.

So stupid it hurts: Republicans’ claim that the ACA mandate is the “biggest tax increase in history”

Kevin Drum discusses the stupidity being thrown around by the Republican Party since the Supreme Court’s ruling on Affordable Care last week:

“Democrats have long insisted that Obamacare’s penalty for not buying health insurance isn’t a tax, but on Thursday the Supreme Court upheld it on the grounds that it was a tax. J’accuse! Or, as America’s Bard of the Frozen North tweeted, “Obama lies, freedom dies.”

“This is so stupid it hurts. But Josh Marshall says that what comes next is even more brain dead:

“Republicans are now saying it’s the ‘biggest tax increase in history’ — either of America or the universe of whatever. But this is demonstrably false. The Congressional Budget Office says the mandate penalty will raise $27 billion between 2012 and 2021. $27 billion over a decade. Anybody who cares to can do the math. But if you want to call it a ‘tax increase’ — which is debatable — it’s clearly one of tiniest ones in history.”

“Let’s be fair: When Republicans talk about ACA’s tax increases, most of them are talking about all the taxes in the bill, not just the penalty. But they’re still off base. There have been 15 tax increases of significant size since 1950, and Jerry Tempalski, a tax analyst in the Treasury Department, has estimated the size of all of them as a percentage of GDP.  Tempalski hasn’t estimated the eventual size of ACA, but PolitiFact took a crack at it using the same methodology, and they figure that ACA amounts to a tax increase of 0.49% of GDP seven years from now. That places it tenth on the list.”

REAGAN’S TAX INCREASE IN 1982 WAS BIGGER! The GOP is fully aware that their base will never read these facts on Drudge or Breitbart or see them on Fox Entertainment — so the lies will continue as planned. 

How stupid are modern Republicans?

VERY! according to Dan Froomkin at the Huffington Post, who reports that a recent poll… found that fully 63 percent of Republican respondents still believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when the U.S. invaded in 2003. By contrast, 27 percent of independents and 15 percent of Democrats shared that view. [...] this latest poll result seems to indicate a refusal — unique to the modern Republican Party — to acknowledge facts. According to this poll, an even larger proportion of Republican respondents who said Iraq had WMD — 64 percent — said they have either always believed (or have come to believe) that Barack Obama was born in another country, which he was not.

REMINDER: You’ll want to vote in November, because these people are definitely planning to. 

Fox & Friends should carry a warning

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Freshman Tea Party Republicans are dumbing down the Congressional gene pool

Such a surprise. Congress is collectively stupider, thanks to the Tea Party electing the dumbest politicians available:

American Idiots: Congress Dumbs Itself Down One Full Grade Level: Congress appears to be getting collectively dumber. The Sunlight foundation analyzed Congressional speech and found that over the past seven years they’ve gone from talking like high school juniors to sophomores. While many factors account for the full-grade level drop off, the study found that the 2010 freshman class of Tea Party Republicans are partly responsible for spreading the stupid. As NPR points out: “Of the 10 members speaking at the lowest grade level, all but two are freshmen, and every one is a Republican.”

How did they get voted in? Take a look at their constituency:

redneck-randal12 redneck-randal14
image: thebigster

Of course we should also recall the voters who DIDN’T show up in 2010 — they were so much smarter for helping this to happen, weren’t they?

On the campaign trail with Mitt Romney: Stupid Season

PAUL KRUGMAN ASKS  ‘just how stupid does Mitt Romney think we are?‘ Another  question might be, ‘why does the news media pander to Republicans?‘ (That’s a rhetorical question too — they pander because of who owns their companies.)

But the question was raised with particular force last week, when Mr. Romney tried to make a closed drywall factory in Ohio a symbol of the Obama administration’s economic failure…

First of all, many reporters quickly noted a point that Mr. Romney somehow failed to mention: George W. Bush, not Barack Obama, was president when the factory in question was closed. Does the Romney campaign expect Americans to blame President Obama for his predecessor’s policy failure?

How does the campaign deal with people who point out the awkward reality that all of the “Obama” job losses took place before any Obama policies had taken effect? The fallback argument — which was rolled out when reporters asked about the factory closure — is that even though Mr. Obama inherited a deeply troubled economy, he should have fixed it by now. That factory is still closed, said a Romney adviser, because of the failure of Obama policies “to really get this economy going again.”

[...] Oh, and where have those mass layoffs of schoolteachers been taking place? Largely in states controlled by the G.O.P.: 70 percent of public job losses have been either in Texas or in states where Republicans recently took control.

[...] Which brings me to another aspect of the amnesia campaign: Mr. Romney wants you to attribute all of the shortfalls in economic policy since 2009 (and some that happened in 2008) to the man in the White House, and forget both the role of Republican-controlled state governments and the fact that Mr. Obama has faced scorched-earth political opposition since his first day in office. Basically, the G.O.P. has blocked the administration’s efforts to the maximum extent possible, then turned around and blamed the administration for not doing enough.

[...] he’s basically attacking Mr. Obama for not acting as if George Bush had been given a third term. Are the American people — and perhaps more to the point, the news media — forgetful enough for that attack to work? I guess we’ll find out.

Read it all…

How Fox “News” makes its viewers stupid (or where Romney learned to make political ads)

If you watch Fox “News,” do yourself and your loved ones a favor: stop.


“Liberation” in Michele Bachmann’s world: Iraq and Libya

And The Stupid are still stupid (and represent the Tea Party):

“Cutting back on foreign aid is one thing. Being reimbursed by nations that we have liberated is another. We should look to Iraq and Libya to reimburse us for part of what we have done to liberate these nations. Michele Bachmann

LOLBachmann: She’s not stupid because she’s a Republican…

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September 2011 in America, illustrated

Jon Stewart on the CRUELTY of increasing the marginal tax rate 3.6% on vulnerable millionaires

Jon discusses O’Reilly’s threat to quit if his tax rate is increased (back to what it was when he started on Fox “News”, by the way) and the potential ‘extinction’ of millionaires, according to the GOP.

And Jon sums up what most of us think about Bill quitting his Fox show:

And in case you’re wondering, teapartyers, YES, the GOP thinks knows you’re really wrapped up with your “Republician Jesus” and are happily uninformed. They count on it.

Which reminds me of this quote:

“I can hire one-half of the working class to kill the other half.” — attributed to American financier Jay Gould, after hiring strikebreakers.

Good reasons why the Teaparty doesn’t care if they’re rendered destitute by GOP economic policy

ICYMI Weekend in the Bunker

Venn diagram of Malignant, Stupid, and Crazy in the GOP:

image: drinkthe-koolaid

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Fox & Friends’ “Not Steve Doocy Guy” says women can get breast exams and pap smears at Walgreens

Walgreens! And Steve Doocy says, “Exactly right!”  Are Steve Doocy or the other guy acquainted with any women in real life?

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