Republican “Rock Star” Paul Ryan

Search Paul Ryan is a “rock star:” Sean Hannity, Fox News programs on 8/11, Stephanie McCrummen – Wash Post, NY Daily News, random idiots on HotAir, the Courier-Journal in KY, CBS affiliate Washington DC, Lake County News-Sun (Chicago), Andrew Biggs – The Hill, Jennifer Rubin (naturally!)… you get the idea.

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What has Paul Ryan contributed to the nation in his 13-year public service career?

The Atlantic has a rundown of all the bills which Paul Ryan has sponsored and passed in his congressional career. Turns out it’s a short rundown — there are only two:

“Ryan’s first successful piece of legislation was a bill “To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 1818 Milton Avenue in Janesville, Wisconsin, as the ‘Les Aspin Post Office Building.'” It became a law in 2000. Since then, he has been the sponsor of only one other bill that has become a public law of the United States, according to records kept by the Library of Congress — a measure introduced in 2004 “To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to modify the taxation of arrow components.” (That one’s a bit of a self-interested move on his part, as Ryan is enjoys bow hunting.) That’s it. No other piece of legislation sponsored by Ryan has been able to win the support of both houses of Congress and a president during his 13-and-a-half years in office. [...] in seven different Congresses, in Houses run by Democrats and by Republicans, and under three different presidents, not one of his big ideas has gathered enough support to become law.”

The Atlantic then summarizes “every bill Paul Ryan has co-sponsored that did not fail:” 

  • Ryan served as co-sponsor on eight bills that successfully provided for the issuance of new commemorative coins. These coins celebrated: American veterans who are disabled for life; the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center; the Boy Scouts of America Centennial; the San Francisco Old Mint; Jamestown’s 400th Anniversary; Benjamin Franklin; American Bald Eagle recovery; and the American buffalo (which, we can all agree, is a truly majestic animal).
  • Ryan has honored Wisconsin as a co-sponsor of efforts that celebrated: the 100th anniversary of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse; the Wisconsin Badger football team for an outstanding season and 2011 Rose Bowl bid; that Flag Day originated in Ozaukee County, Wis.; and also the renaming of several Veterans Administration and Post Office buildings in the state.
  • Speaking of post offices, in addition to sponsoring the renaming of one after Les Aspin, Ryan successfully co-sponsored the renaming of U.S. Post Office branches in Schertz, Tex.; Dixon, Ill.; and Madison, Wis., giving us the Robert M. La Follette, Sr. Post Office Building.
  • Ryan has co-sponsored five successful resolutions honoring Ronald Reagan. These measures: established the Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission Act; renamed a post office in Dixon, Ill., the “President Ronald W. Reagan Post Office Building”; authorized the Secretary of the Interior to establish the Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home National Historic Site; recognized the 90th birthday of Ronald Reagan; and provided for “the award of a gold medal on behalf of the Congress to former President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy Reagan in recognition of their service to the Nation.”
  • Ryan has co-sponsored successful legislation banning animal crush videosRead more

As the article says, “Ryan’s legislative record shows him renaming post offices, honoring Ronald Reagan and Wisconsin, approving commemorative coins, and increasing the deficit.” My God. What a rock star. Go tea party.

Your tax dollars at work, ‘Merica.