Morning coffee: Wednesday

Friston Forest | England (by Alan MacKenzie on Flickr) via

Onward to Friday.

Morning coffee: Monday

earthdaily: Highway 47 by wetwilllie

Instead of work, let’s go on a road trip.

Morning coffee: Wednesday

Enchanted Forest | Spain | Antonio Cantabrana

Enjoy the journey; it ends when you arrive.

Morning coffee: Wednesday


I think I can see Friday from here.

Morning coffee: Wednesday

via | Eagles in the spring | by The Bacher Family

The edge of the forest is just ahead.

Morning coffee: Wednesday

by Christian Gendron

We’re now halfway to a destination… in any direction.

Morning coffee: Wednesday

via | Snow Fog, Czech Republic | photo via sima

This is a forest where fairy tales were created.

Morning coffee: Wednesday // Day 16 // 15 hours to historic GOP f*ck up

Ildiko Neer

It’s like you awaken, terrified and cold, in a pile of damp leaves. It looks like you’re in a forest—how are you in a forest?  You sit up, feeling nauseated and dizzy. Your head hurts terribly. When you reach up, your hair feels wet. Feeling detached, you notice blood on your fingers. You wonder if you’re dreaming. The last thing you remember, the thing you thought you were doing, was unlocking your car.Then… nothing. Then this.

Then, as if you were underwater and break the surface for air, suddenly there’s sound. There are sounds. Nearby. So you concentrate, you push past the dizziness and listen. When your mind finally cooperates, when that last level of awareness finally lights up, you recognize what you’re hearing. You understand the pattern you’re listening to… from memory. You’ve heard this before and you’re horrified. Someone is singing ‘Amazing Grace.’

Morning coffee: Wednesday / Day Two

flickr: mnm1505 (via)

It’s midweek for some people… halfway there!!

But for about 2.9 million other people, it’s only day two of a new Twilight Zone of either (1) no work and no income or (2) work but no paycheck until Congress passes funding for it. That’s the same Congress, incidentally, who will continue to collect their paychecks every two weeks, no matter how long some of them want to drag out the shutdown.

Morning coffee: Wednesday

Aspen / Snowmass Colorado, last year on September 12. (via)


Morning coffee: Wednesday

via bluepueblo: Forest Path, The Lake District, England | photo via besttravelphotos

May your path today be this lovely.

Afternoon Zen

via electric-voltage

Perspective: this is either a potentially beautiful place to go hiking and exploring, or one of the worst places to wake up with a pounding headache and duct-tape restraints.

Ice forest


(Source: midwinter-dream)

Namego Valley, Tenkawa Mountain, Japan

lori-rocks: Autumn ridge. (Tenkawa Mountain, Japan)

The best season

valerie-jeanne: Trees on Fire.