Morning Bunker Report: Thursday 4.26.2012


DONALD TRUMP DECIDED TO MAKE AN ASS OF HIMSELF in Scotland’s parliament yesterday, demanding the country end plans for an offshore wind farm he fears will spoil the view at his exclusive new $750-million-pound ($1.2-billion) golf resort. In a typically blunt display, the New York property tycoon told an inquiry into renewable energy to stop the wind power efforts in the country’s north. “Scotland, if you pursue this policy of these monstrous turbines, Scotland will go broke,” he said. “They are ugly, they are noisy and they are dangerous. If Scotland does this, Scotland will be in serious trouble and will lose tourism to places like Ireland, and they are laughing at us.” [...] When challenged to produce hard evidence about his claims on the negative impact of turbines, Trump said: “I am the evidence, I am a world class expert in tourism.” The public gallery burst into laughter. — Yahoo!

MITT ROMNEY’S SPEECH INCLUDED THE WORD “America” a numbing 33 times. But there’s something else I want to note from Romney’s speech, something that both Republicans and Democrats do, and it drives me crazy: “I’ll tell you about how much I love this country, where someone like my dad, who grew up poor and never graduated from college, could pursue his dreams and work his way up to running a great car company. Only in America could a man like my dad become governor of the state in which he once sold paint from the trunk of his car.”  You see, Mitt Romney may not have pulled himself up by his own bootstraps, but he has a pair of bootstraps that he inherited from his father, which he keeps in a small mahogany box and takes out and gazes upon every now and again to remind himself of how great it is for someone to have bootstraps, and pull himself up by them, if that’s what he needs to do. All he’s saying is, he knows from bootstraps. – Enough With “Only In America”

MARCO RUBIO AUDITIONS FOR ROMNEY AND THE BASE: U.S. may have to strike Iran (and Russia, and China…) — Rubio, a member of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee recently campaigned with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, and has been touted as a possible running mate. [...] “We should also be preparing our allies, and the world, for the reality that unfortunately, if all else fails, preventing a nuclear Iran may, tragically, require a military solution.” Rubio, also lambasted Russian president-elect Vladimir Putin’s preaching of “paranoia and anti-Western sentiments” and the “curtain of secrecy that veils the Chinese state.” “On the most difficult transnational challenges of our time, who will lead if we do not? The answer, at least today, is that no other nation or organization is willing or able to do so,” he said. — Raw Story

TEA PARTY FRESHMAN REP. SCOTT TIPTON (R-CO) relies on campaign contributions from oil and gas companies that he has a financial stake in. Public Campaign reports that one-third of Tipton’s first quarter fundraising comes from corporate PACs and party committees, while only 14 percent comes from small donors of less than $200. — ThinkProgress

BAD TOUCH: REP. FRANCISCO CANSECO (R-TX) CLAIMS TSA ASSAULTED HIM (they made him feel funny in his tummy) during a pat-down at the San Antonio International Airport. “The agent was very aggressive in his pat-down, and he was patting me down where no one is supposed to go,” Canseco told local network KENS 5. — Raw Story

REP. TODD AKIN (R-MO) says the federal government shouldn’t be involved in student loans at all: “America has got the equivalent of the stage three cancer of socialism because the federal government is tampering in all kinds of stuff it has no business tampering in.”TPM

PRESIDENT OBAMA / DEMOCRATS————————————————————

RON PAUL’S CAMPAIGN PULLED IN LESS MONEY FROM THE MILITARY last month than President Obama’s did, according to campaign finance numbers. Paul’s anti-war stances still draw more military donations than Mitt Romney, but the decline is another indicator of his campaign’s increasing status as more of a traveling libertarian speaking series than a traditional effort to win the presidency. On the Open Secrets blogOverall, Paul retains the lead. Analysis of data shows that so far in this election cycle, members of the military who donated more than $200 have given Paul’s campaign about $333,134, versus $184,505 to Obama and just $45,738 to Romney. But in March, Obama and Paul switched places. Members of the military sent $36,448 to Obama and just $17,733 to Paul. Even though Romney solidified his position as the presumptive Republican nominee, military donations to his campaign remained anemic — only $8,630. — Obama Overtakes Paul Among Military Donors

PRESIDENT OBAMA SAYS the amount of money poured into fighting the scientific consensus on climate change will push the issue into the presidential campaign. [...] “Part of the challenge over these past three years has been that people’s number-one priority is finding a job and paying the mortgage and dealing with high gas prices,” Obama said. “In that environment, it’s been easy for the other side to pour millions of dollars into a campaign to debunk climate-change science. “I suspect that over the next six months, this is going to be a debate that will become part of the campaign, and I will be very clear in voicing my belief that we’re going to have to take further steps to deal with climate change in a serious way,” he added. — POLITICO

THE WHITE HOUSE ON WEDNESDAY shocked lawmakers and advocacy groups by announcing that President Obama would veto a proposed national cybersecurity bill known as CISPA if it reaches his desk in its current form. [...] The ACLU is one of several advocacy groups staunchly opposed to CISPA over concerns that the bill’s language is so broad that it would allow companies and U.S. intelligence agencies to share unprecedented amounts of personally identifiable information about Web users without proper oversight and accountability. — White House Veto Threat Scrambles CISPA’s Prospects

FOX NEWS SUGGESTS President Obama’s appearance on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is somehow denigrating the office of the presidency. For instance, today on Fox & Friends, co-host Gretchen Carlson said that it’s “nutso” for Obama to go on “these comedy shows” because it “lowers the status of the office.” — Obama Lowered “The Status Of The Office”? Bush Appeared On Deal Or No Deal

  • 9 presidential pols on late-night TV — 6. George W. Bush drew both laughs and groans on “Late Show with David Letterman” on March 1, 2000, when he told his host, who had recently undergone heart bypass surgery, “It’s about time you had the heart to invite me.” 8. Al Gore read a “Top 10” list of rejected Gore-Lieberman campaign slogans on the Sept. 14, 2000, episode of “Late Show with David Letterman.” No. 9: “Remember, America, I gave you the Internet, and I can take it away!” 9. Mitt Romney also used Letterman’s “Top 10” segment to jab himself on Dec. 20, 2011. The No. 1 thing Romney would like to say to the American people? “It’s a hairpiece.”