The Today Show’s “huge” viewer bump with Palin’s appearance

Here’s the numbers on the vast hoards of Jesus and gun lovin’ real Amerikuns who tuned into the the Today Show yesterday, because their Patron Saint of Word Salad, Princess Quitter, was guest-hosting:

[On Tuesday] “Today” drew 5.5 million viewers, while “GMA” had 356,000 fewer people tuning in. On Monday, the gap dividing them was 333,000 viewers. [WaPo]

So, math:

(Tuesday’s difference) 356,000 - (Monday’s difference) 333,000 = 23,000 more viewers for the Today Show.

That’s a total of 23,000 more viewers because of the quitter’s appearance. Let Sarah be Sarah!

The lamestream Washington Post titled this article: “Sarah Palin’s guest spot helps keep ‘Today’ on top as Katie Couric fills in at ‘GMA’” because that sounds so much better than Reality (actual math). The teaparty must be coddled!