Another chapter in the ‘fake’ ‘manufactured’ ‘fictitious’ GOP War on Women: Iowa and child support recipients

Won’t someone think of the vindictive ex-husbands?

Iowa Republican proposes drug testing for child support recipients

Republicans have made headlines this year by demanding that people collecting unemployment benefits and public assistance be subject to drug testing. Now Iowa Republican state senator Mark Chelgren (Ottumwa) proposed Thursday that people who receive child support payments should also be drug tested if the person paying the support requests it, according to a report at Think Progress.

Chelgren submitted the measure as an amendment to a budget bill currently before the Iowa state senate. He claims the idea for the proposal came from an unidentified constituent who was concerned that his ex wife was using child support money to buy drugs.

[...] The Des Moines Register‘s “Iowa Politics” blog reports that the proposal was met by hoots of derision and open laughter by some Democrats. Sen. Jack Hatch (D-Des Moines) decried the measure as anti-woman and warned that it could be easily abused in acrimonious divorces by “vindictive spouses.”

Yes, exactly. Not that there’s ever been an acrimonious divorce or a vindictive ex-husband.